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X Marks the Block Issue Date: 09-17-2006

Cool Spots imageMake the cyber world your world when you visit X-Block at http://xblock.isafe.
. Talk it up in one of the safest chat rooms on the Net with i-SAFE. The Virtual Training Academy hosts kids from around the world learning about safety on the Internet while they share personal Web experiences with you. Join the class or become an i-Mentor and help others by teaching i-SAFE lessons. You can stay up to date on Web news with Get the 411. From celebrity contributors to a student advisory board, many points of view are covered. Surf safely!

Visit: http://xblock.isafe.org
User Rating: 3.3488745980705stars
622 users rated this site
Tune In Issue Date: 07-30-2006

Cool Spots imageBuild a satellite for the people of Littleton at www.eduweb.com/portfolio/designsatellite. Jimmy and Susie love television but are unable to watch their favorite shows without your help. Click on Littleton townspeople for satellite building suggestions. You must get your satellite into orbit, where it must make its own power, point at Earth and relay signals so Littleton can watch television. When you complete your task, Littleton will finally be able to partake in one of America's favorite pastimes.

Visit: www.eduweb.com/portfolio/designsatellite
User Rating: 3.3755458515285stars
458 users rated this site
Web Driving Skills Issue Date: 07-02-2006

Cool Spots imageProve yourself worthy of a Web license at http://pbskids.org/license when you learn to navigate your way through the wondrous Web. Are you up for the challenge? Follow the map and answer questions on important Web safety topics from Meeting People to Privacy Policy. Watch for tricky questions as you take this driving test. Once you learn about potential road blocks, an awesome personalized Web license awaits you. Print it out and make sure to sign it. Drive safely!

Visit: http://pbskids.org/license
User Rating: 3.0084210526321stars
475 users rated this site
Media Madness Issue Date: 05-28-2006

Cool Spots imageYou can uncover the mysteries behind media when you visit Don't Buy It at http://pbskids.org/dontbuyit. Advertising Tricks will alert you to underlying commercial messages aimed at specific audiences. Once you learn to interpret advertisements, Buying Smart becomes second nature. Research your entertainment media of choice and discover clever media strategies for making money. Learn about what you can do to make the media more kid friendly and become a super consumer of media.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/dontbuyit
User Rating: 3.0015151515154stars
1320 users rated this site
Where It's At Issue Date: 02-05-2006

Cool Spots imageKids' Place at www.eduplace.com/kids has all the homework help you need for math, science, language arts, social studies and more. Choose your grade level, 1 to 6, and a textbook at School Books to discover topics such as Mulan, A City at Sea or Earthquake Terror. How strong is your brain? Test it out at Brain Power and see if you can successfully complete the Brain Teasers, Web Word Find and Tackle Reading. If you are ready for recess, then play Games. Wacky Web Tales and Fake Out! will give your mental muscle a workout. The school bell is ringing here.

Visit: www.eduplace.com/kids
User Rating: 3.3936430317844stars
409 users rated this site

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