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Homework Help Issue Date: 08-13-2017

Cool Spots image How would you like to have a site to go to for homework help and games? Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishes many of the books you use in school. Education Place, eduplace.com/kids/index.jsp, is a companion site to their textbooks and publications for core subjects including Reading, Math, Science, History and Spelling. Choose your state, then select a subject to access eWord Games, Crossword Puzzles and more, organized by the topics in your book. For example, if you’re studying Grade 6 Energy, Forces and Motion in Science, you can access Discover! Simulations to play a game that explains the concept.

Visit: http://eduplace.com/kids/index.jsp
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Scientific History Issue Date: 07-23-2017

Cool Spots image Do you enjoy traveling to see unusual things? If so, this virtual trip to Florence, Italy, will take you inside the Museo Galileo, catalogue.museogalileo.it, to view a collection of more than 5,000 scientific instruments. Enter Rooms and visit Galileo’s New World, where you will see two original telescopes built by the great scientist centuries ago, in 1609. See a pendulum clock designed by Leonardo da Vinci in Objects. Looking for something specific? Artifacts are arranged in alphabetical order so you can easily locate items of interest. Doing research on an Italian scientist? Check out Biographies and Videos by thematic area to help you gather your facts.

Visit: http://catalogue.museogalileo.it
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Trading Cards Issue Date: 07-16-2017

Cool Spots image Organizing research is fun when you use ReadWriteThink’s Trading Card Creator, tinyurl.com/ycfrnd7u. Use this resource for school assignments or just to create fun cards about your favorite characters to trade with friends. Let’s say you have an assignment about Thomas Jefferson: Type his name and then select Real Person. This will bring up a card with fields for information such as the Time period he lived in and the Location of important events in his life. Once you’ve entered the information, you’ll have a card you can print and use to study, or you can download it to your computer to access later.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/ycfrnd7u
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Invent an App Issue Date: 07-16-2017

Cool Spots image Have you ever had a great idea for an app and wished you could create it yourself? Google and MIT have partnered to help anyone learn to program apps for Android devices. AppInventor, appinventor.org, provides step-by-step tutorials and an online app creator for you to begin. Select Get Started and check out the Course Overview, then the I Have a Dream Tutorial. You’ll learn to create a simple app and add components using code. Once you know the basics, master building more complex apps. Learning Nuggets, printable worksheets and tips will help turn your idea into a published app in no time.

Visit: http://appinventor.org
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Digital Animation Issue Date: 05-28-2017

Cool Spots imageAre you a storyteller? Join the Zimmer Twins, zimmertwins.com, and enhance your stories with animation. Check out Watch a Movie to see some of the videos already created by students all over the world. In Make a Movie, you have the option to create a movie from scratch or edit an existing Past Starter. Drag video clips to the editing screen and type in the dialogue. Once you finish editing, press “Play” and enjoy the show. With parental permission, create a free account to save your movie so that you can share it with friends. Still looking for inspiration? Spotlight features clips created by longtime users of the site.

Visit: http://zimmertwins.com
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