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Protecting the Great Lakes Issue Date: 12-10-2017

Cool Spots image The Great Lakes contain 20 percent of the Earthís fresh water. The largest one, Lake Superior, is 1,332 feet deep with 2,726 miles of shoreline. The Environmental Protection Agency, epa.gov/greatlakes, is committed to protecting the wildlife and ecosystems residing there. Millions of people rely on the lakes for water, food, recreation and even careers. Lakewide Management Plans outlines the challenges each lake faces. Because of its proximity to the densely populated cities of Chicago and Milwaukee, Lake Michigan faces greater challenges with pollution and waste management.

Visit: http://epa.gov/greatlakes
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Environmental Challenges Issue Date: 11-19-2017

Cool Spots imageThe National Museum of the American Indian examines American Indian Responses to Environmental Challenges, nmai.si.edu/environment/Default.aspx. Select a tribe to learn about its people, homeland, strategies for protecting natural resources and future plans. The Akwesasne Mohawk people are basketweavers who use black ash trees, but the trees are becoming scarce. Watch the videos and complete the activities to learn what they are doing to protect this valuable tree. The Campo Kumeyaay Nation is trying to restore water to an area affected by more than a century of cattle grazing. See strategies they used to restore the damaged wetlands.

Visit: http://nmai.si.edu/environment/Default.aspx
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Be a Water Saver Issue Date: 10-01-2017

Cool Spots image Did you know that letting the water run while you brush your teeth can waste up to 8 gallons? Conserving water is important because its supply is limited. WaterSense, tinyurl.com/y8g33zuy, teaches kids how to use water efficiently at home. Flow is the water-saving hero of the game. Meet the Water Wasters you will have to watch out for as you play. This arcadelike game requires you to navigate the maze while avoiding creepy creatures like Drainiac and Sogosaurus. Earn points for answering questions correctly. Youíll have to play fast, because the game is timed, and you only have three lives!

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/y8g33zuy
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Fossil Fuels Issue Date: 10-01-2017

Cool Spots image Climate Kids presents Carbonís Travels, climatekids.nasa.gov/menu/carbons-travels, the history of fossil fuels and their impact on Earthís environment. The Story of Fossil Fuels begins with Coal. Find out where it was discovered and what its original use was. In Part 2, you will read an amazing story about the first long-distance automobile ride and learn how a pharmacy became the worldís first gas station. While we all benefit from fossil fuels in some way, there are also concerns about pollution, oil spills and the possible relationship of fossil fuels to global warming that we must consider when using them. To learn more, check out What is the Big Deal With Carbon?

Visit: http://climatekids.nasa.gov/menu/carbons-travels
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Friendly Farms Issue Date: 04-23-2017

Cool Spots image Learn how farms around the country help protect the environment at Education Stationís Good Egg Project Virtual Field Trip, educationstation.discoveryeducation.com/field-trips. Take a journey from farm to table and meet the owner of Hertzfeld Poultry Farm to learn how he reduces his farmís carbon footprint through the way it processes feed. A carbon footprint is determined by the amount of carbon dioxide emitted through the use of fossil fuels. Next stop is Creighton Brothers Farms, a family farm dating back to 1925, where you will learn about the Farm Food Web.

Visit: http://educationstation.discoveryeducation.com/field-trips
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