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Eclipse Events Across the Country Issue Date: 08-06-2017

Cool Spots image Celebrate the 2017 solar eclipse by participating in local festivals, tours and events along its path. The American Astronomical Society and the National Science Foundation have partnered to bring you Tours and Travel Opportunities, eclipse.aas.org/resources/tours-travel, to make this a memorable event for you and your family. Enjoy the eclipse on a river cruise from Nashville to St. Louis. Looking for an adventure? The Girl Scouts are hosting Eyes to the Sky, a camping trip in South Carolina. You can also find Total Solar Eclipse Festivals and Public Events in various states in the path of the eclipse.

Visit: http://eclipse.aas.org/resources/tours-travel
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Science Buzz Issue Date: 05-19-2013

Cool Spots imageScience is fun and games at the Ontario Science Centre, ontariosciencecentre.ca/ScienceNow. Visit Inside Out to read about whether eating cheese sandwiches can help you make better decisions, then learn how to tell if such a claim is true or baloney. Science Games combine learning and fun. Croaker Concentration is a matching and memory game where you will try to pair frogs by their sounds. If you think you are a fast reader, your eyes will play tricks on you when you experience the Stroop Effect. Science Spotlight highlights current news topics so you can stay informed.

Visit: ontariosciencecentre.ca/ScienceNow
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A Scientific Voice Issue Date: 04-26-2009

Cool Spots imageEarth Sky Kids, www.earthsky.org/kids, invites you to explore the beauty and brilliance of our planet. Science News will keep you up-to-date on all the cool discoveries scientists are making. Now click on a science question, such as "Do any animals besides humans laugh?" or "Why are stars different colors?" and impress your friends with new knowledge. If you are looking for something interactive, check out the many podcasts offered. From green building on the cheap to research on climate change, you will find tons of news you can use. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.earthsky.org/kids
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Science News You Can Use Issue Date: 05-25-2008

Cool Spots imageCelebrate science at Antenna: Science News by the Science Museum at http://antenna.sciencemuseum
. Sharpen your chompers as you snack on bite-size news headlines and informational blurbs, such as results from the Earth's long-lost twin! Looking for something more substantial? Check out Features where in-depth investigations explain many scientific phenomena. Find out if algae can really save the world, or look into the Big Bang theory and what it means for planet Earth. This site is constantly updated with new news in science, so mark it as a favorite and be sure to visit often!

Visit: http://antenna.sciencemuseum.org.uk
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Super Science Issue Date: 03-04-2007

Cool Spots imagePlanet Science welcomes you into its world at www.planet-science.com. This awesome site has news you can use. If you want to sharpen your science senses, sign up for a special newsletter geared for your age group. Out There features activities and experiments to match any kid's special interests. Do games get you going? Wired is the place to be, with a cupboard full of choices to lighten your mood and provide you with hours of fun. If science is your passion, look into a future career in the sciences and take the Next Steps to ensure your success.

Visit: www.planet-science.com
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