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Hidden Treasures Issue Date: 07-22-2012

Cool Spots imageIf you like digging in the dirt, finding clues and solving mysteries, then Archeology for Kids, cr.nps.gov/
, is the place for you! Learn who makes up a field crew in Who Are the Archeologists? Some specialize in animals, others in underwater excavation, historical facts or artifact preservation. Visit the Archeology Lab to see how treasures are preserved. Once you've learned about what archeologists do, Try It! Survey a park or your backyard in Read the Landscape. Explore activities with the NPS Webrangers in Online Archeology.

Visit: cr.nps.gov/archeology/public/kids
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What Lies Beneath Issue Date: 02-12-2012

Cool Spots imageDig, digonsite.com, is an awesome place for those passionate about archaeology. Ask Dr. Dig to find out about cavemen, mummies, dinosaurs and more! Dig magazine also has amazing art, featuring subjects such as pharaohs and Egyptian funerals, illustrated by kids just like you. See what others have created and feel free to send in your own masterpiece. Before you surf on to other kid-friendly websites, visit Fantastic Factoids to learn about interesting mysteries and myths that will wow your friends and family.

Visit: digonsite.com
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Earn It and Learn It Issue Date: 12-11-2011

Cool Spots imageThe Children's Museum of Indianapolis welcomes bright and curious kids to Annie's Archaeology Laboratory, www.childrens
. Annie wants you to do your best to earn an Apprentice Archaeology certificate. Sneak a peek at earthly treasures to see Egyptian crypts and spooky shipwrecks. Find inspiration in Annie's notebook and ask the right questions to make amazing discoveries. From excavations to plane trips to the Nile, this site will have you digging deep for more knowledge.

Visit: www.childrensmuseum.org/treasures/intro_archaeology
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A Discovery in Archaeology Issue Date: 08-23-2009

Cool Spots imageFind out what archaeology is all about at Archaeology: From Reel to Real, www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/archaeology. This site is ready to debunk the myths surrounding this science and show you just what it takes to succeed in this field. Click on Introduction to find out how fiction, such as the Indiana Jones movies, parallels the lives of real archaeologists and learn where the similarities end. Next, check out Finding Lost Cities to meet real archaeologists and see their amazing discoveries of buried cities around the world.

Visit: www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/archaeology
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Diggin' Deep Issue Date: 07-12-2009

Cool Spots imageThe Virtual Museum of Canada invites you to journey into the lives of aboriginal people who lived on Ontario's Bonnechere River at Land of the Spirits, www.virtualmuseum.ca/Exhibitions/Spirits/English. Browse the Timeline to discover how these native people lived, hunted and prospered along the rich and sustaining waters of the Bonnechere. Then, with just a click of your mouse, join in on an archaeological dig, where technology is the key to uncovering the truth behind civilizations that existed here long before the arrival of European explorers in the 17th century.

Visit: www.virtualmuseum.ca/Exhibitions/Spirits/English
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