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America By Air Issue Date: 07-31-2016

Cool Spots image Go back in time and explore airline travel through the decades at America By Air, tinyurl.com/hgtfdx9. Choose a time period to fly from New York to San Francisco in Fly Across America. Scroll over photographs along the journey to learn fascinating facts about the industry and its growth. Early mail pilots did not have the sophisticated navigation systems available today; they actually had to fly close enough to the ground so they could use familiar landmarks to find their way. Learn more in Explore Exhibition, then check out Activities to see how commercial travel exploded in the 1950s.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/hgtfdx9
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Fly Around the World Issue Date: 08-16-2015

Cool Spots imageThe National Air and Space Museum presents First Flight Around the World, in Pioneers of Flight, pioneersofflight.si.edu/ content/first-flight-around-world-0. More than a century ago, airplanes werenít nearly as advanced as they are today. They were made of wood, fabric and wire. In 1924, eight pilots planned to undertake a 26,000-mile flight around the world. In this game, you can help Plan the Flight. Itís trickier than it seems, because airplanes at the time could only travel 600 miles before refueling, and finding a safe place to stop while flying over an ocean could be a challenge.

Visit: http://pioneersofflight.si.edu/content/first-flight-around-world-0
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Flight School Issue Date: 10-21-2012

Cool Spots imagePilots, start your engines at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis Flight Adventure's Flight School, childrensmuseum.org/csi/flight
. Begin your adventure in Flight School and learn to fly an FPG-9. Discover how adjusting the elevons and the rudder determine whether the glider will Yaw, Pitch or Roll. Now it's time to Fly Your Glider and record your results on the Flight Research Card. Once you have mastered the tests, you are ready for a Flight Challenge. If you think you are up to it, choose a Flight Mission to earn your wings.

Visit: childrensmuseum.org/csi/flightadventures
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Science of Flight Issue Date: 06-10-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Smithsonian Air and Space Museum helps unravel the mystery of How Things Fly, howthingsfly.si.edu. To understand flight you must first learn how the Forces of Flight work together. Once you understand the delicate balance, you will realize why We Aren't Built to Fly. Gravity and Air are everywhere; calculate your weight on Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Visit the Paper Airplane Gallery in Activities for inspiration to Create Your Own Paper Airplane. In the Distance Challenge, see how far your virtual plane can fly in 30 days.

Visit: howthingsfly.si.edu
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Flying High Issue Date: 01-17-2010

Cool Spots imageTake to the friendly skies with America by Air, www.nasm.si.edu/exhibitions/gal102/americabyair. We guarantee there will be no turbulence on this fantastic flight through the history of these amazing flying machines. The online exhibition will guide you through how aircrafts have evolved over the years, thanks to many technological advances, while Objects and Images is ready to share some cool photos. Last, but not least, be sure to Fly Across America during different time periods to experience air travel at its best.

Visit: www.nasm.si.edu/exhibitions/gal102/americabyair
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