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Spread Your Wings Issue Date: 05-10-2009

Cool Spots imageUncover the mysteries surrounding moths and butterflies at The Children's Butterfly Site, www.kidsbutterfly.org. If the many marvelous butterfly colors appeal to your sense of sight, print off coloring pages and design your own beautiful butterfly as you take a journey through this bug's metamorphosis. Photograph Galleries provide curious minds with lots of great photos of butterflies, which you can search by family or geographic region. Don't forget to look for butterflies that live near you, and then see if you can find them in your backyard!

Visit: www.kidsbutterfly.org
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Buggin' Out Issue Date: 04-06-2008

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Super Bugs, www.my
, where a top-secret lab needs your help. Jo, the curator at the Yorkshire Museum, has a special challenge for you. View the museum's collection of minibeasts, or invertebrates, and combine their different parts to create a superior species. Choose a head, body and limbs for your creation, and then add on two superpowers to keep your bug on top of the food chain. Later you can release your bug into the wild and see how well it survives. Good luck!

Visit: www.mylearning.org/interactive.asp?journeyid=77&resourceid=311
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Beautiful Butterflies Issue Date: 08-26-2007

Cool Spots imageWelcome to The North American Butterfly Association's Kid's Corner, www.naba.org/chapters/nabasl/kids.htm, where you can indulge in fun butterfly activities no matter how old you are. Take a journey with monarch butterflies. Find out more about butterfly migration when you click on Fun Butterfly Web Sites for interesting links. Look at a reading list of butterfly-related kid's books and your imagination will take flight. If you are ready for a good laugh, check out butterfly riddles and jokes.

Visit: www.naba.org/chapters/nabasl/kids.htm
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Beetle Alert Issue Date: 10-15-2006

Cool Spots imageBug lovers will adore Beetle Science at http://ecommons2.library.cornell.edu/
. Start with a taxonomic view of life on Earth in Species-Scape to see just how populous the beetle is. Then get up close and personal with Virtual Beetles, 3-D images of species such as the Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle found in Asia and Japan. Carbon Dust Illustrations are cool art creations featuring many creepy crawlers. Virtual Labs allows you to tour research laboratories, vital to beetle science. Watch out for the ALB! This beetle may be infesting an area near you.

Visit: http://ecommons2.library.cornell.edu/web_archive/explore.cornell.edu/scene3396.html?scene=Beetle%20Science
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Seasonal Travels Issue Date: 05-14-2006

Cool Spots imageFollow spring's progress through wildlife migration and seasonal change when you Journey North to www.learner.org/
. Learn more about the springtime journeys of your favorite animals when you read up on Today's News. By getting involved in This Season's Projects you can predict the coming of spring or discover the wild whooping crane. Help track spring's progress when you Report Your Sightings of animals as they return to their summer habitats.

Visit: www.learner.org/jnorth
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