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Set for a Pet? Issue Date: 10-02-2011

Cool Spots imageDo you have what it takes to be a responsible pet owner? Visit Best Friends Animal Society's Nextgen page, www.bestfriends.org/Resources/Pet-Care, and meet Kyle, Samantha, Missy, Curtis, Tony and Grace as they take you on their animal-helping adventures. All age groups are represented, so choose the one that applies to you and begin. Click on Kids News for stories of how kids are helping animals in need. Remember that pets need love and attention, so think it over carefully before you bring an animal home.

Visit: www.bestfriends.org/Resources/Pet-Care
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Your Mission Is ... Issue Date: 12-09-2007

Cool Spots imageAttention, Attention! Kind News invites all young animal lovers to join its Mission Humane! at www.kindnews.org. First, browse through In The News to find out what's going on in the animal world. How to Help has tips you can use to stop animal cruelty. You can also learn how to start a Humane club in your area to keep animals safe. Visit the Hall of Fame to check out young and inspiring humane heroes. Click on Calendar to see the exciting events coming your way this month. Complete rescue activities in Printables and show how much you care.

Visit: www.kindnews.org
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Kindness for Animals Issue Date: 09-19-2004

Cool Spots imagePeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals presents PETA Kids at www.petakids.com. Have you helped an animal recently? Tell PETA your story and you might be featured as a PETA Kids Superstar. With school in full swing, Back to School Tips will help you choose stylish clothes and supplies that do not involve using animals. In Veg Kids, find out What to Eat to satisfy your tummy with animal-friendly treats. With PETA Kids, you'll find lots of ways to help animals.

Visit: www.petakids.com
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Save the Rain Forest Issue Date: 02-11-2001

Cool Spots imageIt's a big job to save the environment, and the Rainforest Action Network needs you. Head to www.ran.org and learn about the rain forest. The "Kids Action Team" section offers steps for kids to take to help protect the rain forests. There is also a facts sheet for students and a question-and-answer page. You can check out the rain forest people and animal sections, and view artwork by kids in the gallery. Help save this vital resource.

Visit: www.ran.org
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Call of the Wild Issue Date: 07-16-2000

Cool Spots imageListen carefully, and chances are you'll hear the call of the wild coming from the World Wildlife Fund's Web site. The Kid's Stuff section is a collection of fascinating Web sites dedicated to the amazing animals that populate our earth. Grab your safari hat and head to www.worldwildlife.org/how/fun. You'll love the cutout paper tiger activity and strange facts about frog slime and dancing birds. The site also has in-depth endangered species fact sheets on rhinos, pandas, elephants and other animals that need our help. Test your animal logic by taking the Biodiversity IQ Quiz, and find out how much you know about biodiversity. Or visit the WWF Virtual House where you can learn about many environmental issues, such as endangered seas, toxic chemicals or the wildlife trade. You were born to be wild.

Visit: www.worldwildlife.org/how/fun
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