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Kids' Best Friend Issue Date: 01-28-2001

Cool Spots imageGrab your dog and a leash and head to "How to Love Your Dog: A Kid's Guide to Dog Care" at www.loveyourdog.com. This huge site offers tips on training and feeding your dog, teaching your dog tricks and caring for older dogs. You can also submit stories and poems about your dog. There's even a section for dog-lovers who don't currently have a dog. You'll love this site almost as much as you love your dog. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.loveyourdog.com
User Rating: 3.2930644919359stars
620 users rated this site
Grrrrreat Advice Issue Date: 06-14-1998

Cool Spots imageSo, you're thinking about getting a dog. Or maybe Fluffy has been coughing up a lot of hairballs lately. Get your paws on www.avma.org/care4pets for purrrfect pet info. These are the experts at the American Veterinary Medical Association, so you can't go wrong. They'll tell you everything you need to know, from what to do before you buy a bird, to the best ways to kill those pesky fleas. Next time you're thinking of bringing a reptile into the house, spend some time getting the best tips from the experts. But this site also has fun stuff, like true pet adventure stories. Send yours in, too, and maybe your pet could become a star.

Visit: www.avma.org/care4pets
User Rating: 3.0491228056139stars
285 users rated this site
Animal Network Issue Date: 02-22-1998

Cool Spots imageIf you're a kid who loves having animals around the house, you're going to love the Animal Network. This Web site is the ultimate online guide for pet owners, or those looking to bring a new furry friend into the family. Walk the dog over to http://animalnetwork.com and learn everything you need to know about cats, canines, fish and reptiles. You'll get tips and advice on puppy nutrition, feline behavior, fish food and how to take care of your aquarium. The Bird Channel delivers the latest talk on feeding and breeding, while Young Rider is dedicated to the horse-riding enthusiast. There's even a Reptile Roundup for snake and lizard fans. At Animal Network, you're sure to find a pet that's right for you. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: http://animalnetwork.com
User Rating: 3.1241379333331stars
435 users rated this site
Don't you Want Some BUNNY to Love? Issue Date: 09-07-1997

Cool Spots imageFor a bunch of facts about why rabbits make good pets, go to the House Rabbit Society's home page at www.rabbit.org. It also tells you about the care and adoption procedures for your pet. The site is filled with adorable pictures, touching stories and interesting facts. Did you know bunnies play with many of the same toys as cats and parrots do? Let your browser hop over to the HRS page and nibble on this info for a while; carrots are optional.

Visit: www.rabbit.org
User Rating: 3.5098039222218stars
612 users rated this site
Claude the Cat Issue Date: 08-10-1997

Cool Spots imageMeet Claude, a cat so crazy that his owner made a Web site just for him. You can find him at www.claudecat.com. Here you'll find lots of great pictures of Claude up to his antics, as well as tons of links to other cat sites from all around the world. But this site's not JUST about fun. Claude is also the inspiration for innovative cat research, such as how much fur does a cat shed in one year, and is the shape of cat food important? You and your cat can even contribute to science by filling out Claude's questionnaires. Who knows, this might be the beginning of the purrfect Web site for your own cat!

Visit: www.claudecat.com
User Rating: 2.994047634127stars
504 users rated this site

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