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Set for a Pet? Issue Date: 10-02-2011

Cool Spots imageDo you have what it takes to be a responsible pet owner? Visit Best Friends Animal Society's Nextgen page, www.bestfriends.org/Resources/Pet-Care, and meet Kyle, Samantha, Missy, Curtis, Tony and Grace as they take you on their animal-helping adventures. All age groups are represented, so choose the one that applies to you and begin. Click on Kids News for stories of how kids are helping animals in need. Remember that pets need love and attention, so think it over carefully before you bring an animal home.

Visit: www.bestfriends.org/Resources/Pet-Care
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Man's Best Friend Issue Date: 06-12-2011

Cool Spots imageBest of Friends, Kids and Dogs, http://urbanext.
, encourages kids to learn all about canines and their care. Kids and dogs go together “like peanut butter and jelly,” so learn what you can do for your furry friend. Did you know that today's dogs are descendents of the wolf? If you want a puppy to join your family, visit Doggie Finances to figure out how much a dog will cost and where you can get one. You’ll also want your pooch to learn how to behave, so check out Good Behavior and teach your young or old dog new tricks. You’ll have a doggone good time on this site!

Visit: http://urbanext.illinois.edu/dogs
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Meow! Issue Date: 04-18-2010

Cool Spots imageAbout Cats: Feline Education for Youngsters, http://kids.cfa.org, will punctuate learning with purring as you figure out what makes your furry friends tick. This playful site teaches you about the diverse cat breeds and their many colors. If you are interested in adopting, make sure to check out the personality of your future pet. Will you be a good fit for each other? If you think your love for cats will survive into adulthood, check out Careers, where jobs such as cat breeder, veterinarian and cat sitter could be the perfect match for you.

Visit: http://kids.cfa.org
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Man's Best Friends Issue Date: 06-21-2009

Cool Spots imageDiscover the difference a dog's love can make in your life when you visit Still Life With Animated Dogs, www.pbs.org/independent
. Meet Paul Fierlinger, an animator, and get to know the canines that helped him through many dark times in The Story. Then take a good look into Paul's dog animations and see just how he made his creations so special when you browse the process in Wag the Dog. Whether you are searching for information on art and animation or if you want to hear some special stories about barking buds, this site will satisfy your curiosity.

Visit: www.pbs.org/independentlens/animateddogs
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Animal Lovin' Issue Date: 02-08-2009

Cool Spots imageCheck in with Creature Features, www.abc.net.au/creaturefeatures, to learn about what's going on in the animal world. See all kinds of animals strut their stuff in Feature Video, where new clips are always available for your viewing pleasure. If you have a furry friend, do not miss Pet Love, where pet owners send in videos celebrating their domesticated pals. You can also find out more about the special, and maybe exotic, loved one in your life when you click on Pet Facts, which has info on wombats, horses, ducks and others.

Visit: www.abc.net.au/creaturefeatures
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