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First Pets Issue Date: 11-06-2016

Cool Spots image Some of the most popular inhabitants in the history of the White House were not the human ones. The Presidential Pet Museum, presidentialpetmuseum.com, introduces furry, feathered and smooth creatures, from raccoons to a calico pony. You’ll be amazed at the variety of animals who have resided in the mansion over the years. Abraham Lincoln’s fondness for animals was evidenced by a list including several dogs, two goats, a pig, a turkey, a cat and a white rabbit. The last cow to live at the White House provided milk and butter for the first family.

Visit: http://presidentialpetmuseum.com
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Healthy Pets Issue Date: 08-21-2016

Cool Spots imageDo you have a family pet or plan on getting one? Visit the Pet Health Library, aaha.org/pet_owner/pet_health_library, to get answers to your questions about how best to care for your pet. In Dog Care Resources you will find healthy treat recipes and articles about dog behavior, how to socialize your pet, and locating an accredited veterinary hospital nearby. Did you know that cats hide when they don’t feel well? Find out what behaviors to look for in Cat Care. In Other Small Animal Care you will find tips about how to look after your pet rabbit, gerbil, box turtle, bird, ferret or guinea pig.

Visit: http://aaha.org/pet_owner/pet_health_library
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Owning a Pet Issue Date: 03-06-2016

Cool Spots imagePBS Kids presents Why We Have Pets, pbskids.org/itsmylife/family/pets/index.html. Are you thinking of getting a pet? Pet Responsibilities shares important details to consider first. Before deciding to get a dog, for example, you need to be sure you’ll have time to walk it, feed it and pay attention to it. Small animals like fish or hamsters typically live less than five years, while larger birds can live longer than 30! Your pet will be a member of your family, so check out Which Pet Is Right For You?

Visit: http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/family/pets/index.html
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Happy Pets Issue Date: 04-07-2013

Cool Spots imageOwning a pet is a big responsibility, which is why the Healthy Pet Kids Klub, healthypet.com/KidsKlub, helps you learn all about your pet. Would you like to be a veterinarian when you grow up? In Games, you can play Becoming a Veterinarian to learn what a vet does each day. Care Sheets will show you the best way to take care of your turtle, dog, cat, bird or guinea pig. If your dog has bad breath, learn why in Fun Facts. Coloring and Activity Sheets will give you tips on such topics as how to safely meet a strange dog.

Visit: healthypet.com/KidsKlub
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Our Furry Friends Issue Date: 11-13-2011

Cool Spots imageNew Zealand Dog Safety, www.dogsafety.govt.nz/dogsafety.nsf/
, is a wonderful resource for kids who are looking to learn more about proper dog treatment. Charlie's Dog Safety Tips is full of helpful rules, such as “Check it’s sweet – before you meet” and “Chin or chest – that’s the best.” Once you are done reviewing Charlie's guidelines, take the Dog Safety Quiz to test your knowledge. Brush up on canine trivia with About Dogs, then read Dog Stories, where you’ll meet Charlie, the adorable Lowchen.

Visit: www.dogsafety.govt.nz/dogsafety.nsf/wpg_URL/Kids-Index!OpenDocument
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