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Healthy Living Issue Date: 05-20-2012

Cool Spots imageLearn about the tiny friends and enemies that live in your body from the scientists who created Microbe Magic, microbemagic.ucc.ie. Microbes are microorganisms that live all around you, even inside you. Some keep you healthy and some make you sick. The four main types of microbes are bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. In All About Microbes, find out the good, the bad and the ugly facts you need to know. Healthy Living gives you some great tips for staying well. Be sure to visit Games & Things to Do to play Go Fish, take fun quizzes and download experiments to do at home!

Visit: microbemagic.ucc.ie
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More Than Just a Veggie Issue Date: 02-19-2012

Cool Spots imageMeet the fungi, bacteria, viruses, algae and protozoa in the spotlight at Science: The Children's University of Manchester, www.childrensuniversity.manchester.
. Dr. David Moore, a mycologist (a person who studies fungi), wants to let you into the cool fungus kingdom to explore. From cheese and edible mushrooms to medicines that keep you healthy, fungi are present in your everyday life. Once you think you know all there is to know about mushrooms, play Match the Mushroom and test your skills. Now learn which micro-organism appeared nearly 4 billion years ago!

Visit: www.childrensuniversity.manchester.ac.uk/interactives/science/microorganisms
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Don't Miss the Boat Issue Date: 12-18-2011

Cool Spots imageAre you looking for a challenge that will take you out of this world? Jump into Lifeboat to Mars, pbskids.org/lifeboat, to begin an unforgettable space mission to the red planet. Oh no! A huge explosion just occurred on your rocket ship! Unfortunately, many important microbes were destroyed in the blast. Get the 411 from ORT, the online robot trainee. Do you think you can help restore the microbes and keep plants and animals safe from harm? Start by playing games and work through the different levels as quickly as you can. The spaceship needs your help!

Visit: pbskids.org/lifeboat
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Doing Good Issue Date: 08-15-2010

Cool Spots imageOutsmart the sinister JavelWater at Micro Discoveries Online, www.musee-afrappier.
. Alvir needs your help to prove that germs are important to our survival and keep JavelWater from destroying them all. Choose a hypothesis to begin, and then search for clues that you hope will help you convince JavelWater to release Alvir from her cage. Look closely in Alvir’s office, the laboratory and the kitchenette as you work quickly to collect proof in order to free Alvir. Good luck, young scientist!

Visit: www.musee-afrappier.qc.ca/en/index.php?pageid=3411&page=3411-investigations-9-12-e
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Notes From Our Underground Issue Date: 07-12-2009

Cool Spots imageMeet some super-resilient creatures at A Special Report: X-treme Microbes, www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/microbes. Click on Radiation Eaters and see if you can discover how these important microbes have given scientists clues about how life on Earth could have begun underground. Amazing Survivors will help you understand the many species, from frogs to microbial bacterium, that manage to live in harsh conditions that would normally kill many other life-forms. I bet your surface surroundings feel cushy now.

Visit: www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/microbes
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