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Time to Act Issue Date: 02-14-2010

Cool Spots imageHumans have the ability to help our other earthly inhabitants lead happier, healthier lives. Visit S.O.S, Save Our Species, http://library.thinkquest.org/08aug/00473, to find out which animals need your help and what you can do you save them. Each featured animal, such as Allie the alligator or Penelope the penguin, comes with a virtual book that tells its story. But animals are not the only ones who need your assistance; flowers and trees need special care too. Become an Earth activist to make the most of your surroundings.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/08aug/00473
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Conserve and Protect Issue Date: 10-21-2007

Cool Spots imageThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants you to pay it a visit at www.fws.gov/endangered/kids. Endangered animals need help so they can continue to make our world a diverse and beautiful place. Watch the slide show to find out more. Species in the Spotlight features a special endangered animal like the grizzly bear or the Mexican wolf. Kids Can Help will teach you what you can do to protect rare species in their habitats. Click on Learn More for awesome links sure to clue you in on conservation efforts around the planet.

Visit: www.fws.gov/endangered/kids
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Back from the Brink Issue Date: 09-16-2007

Cool Spots imageLend some special animals a helping hand when you visit Living on the Brink, http://library.
. Many different species are facing extinction. Click on Saving Wildlife to see what roles animals play in planetary survival. Read about the many laws that countries are enacting to save endangered animals in Mending Wildlife's Broken Heart. Put a smile on your face with The Lighter Side of Wildlife, full of cartoons and jokes. Have Your Say solicits thoughts on extinction from kids just like you, so speak out to make the world a better place.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/06aug/02242/home.html
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Culture for Kids Issue Date: 12-12-2004

Cool Spots imageNational Geographic Kids has a world of coolness waiting for you at www.nationalgeographic.com/ngkids/0409. Travel the world and locate endangered cultures and animals from places such as South America, Australia and Asia. Along the way, meet Paul Lee, an amazing rooster that can do a flip off his owner's head. Get Wild & Wacky before entering the school of magic by filling in words to a silly story. Last, you can help set a Guinness World Record by creating the world's longest line of footprints. Discover a world of culture at this great site.

Visit: www.nationalgeographic.com/ngkids/0409
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At the Center of Conservation Issue Date: 08-22-2004

Cool Spots imagePandas are near the top of the endangered species list. Conservation Central at http://nationalzoo.si.edu/
has games and interactive exhibits that will teach you what can be done to save these lovable creatures. Try designing a panda habitat that includes water, food and shade. If you do a good job, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian will come out to explore. A Habitat Adventure allows you to decide if an area should be off limits to humans so that endangered plants and animals can thrive again.

Visit: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Education/ConservationCentral
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