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Creepy Crawlies Issue Date: 04-15-2007

Cool Spots imageBust those spider myths and upgrade your eight-legged knowledge by visiting The Spider Myths Site at www.washington.edu/burke
. Deadly bites put fear into kids and adults alike. Feel better about these creepy critters as you discover the truth behind "dangerous" spiders. Some legends about spiders are not necessarily scary, but they sure are weird. No need to worry about jumping tarantulas or venomous daddy longlegs, though. Read up on house spiders to get the scoop on the web weavers in your place and learn to make peace with these cool creatures.

Visit: www.washington.edu/burkemuseum/spidermyth
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World of Arachnids Issue Date: 09-21-2003

Cool Spots imageSaid the spider to the fly, "Step into the Spider Room at www.spiderroom.info." Anansi, your clever, eight-legged guide, takes you on a tour of the arachnid world. Meet a funnel-weaving grass spider, a flower-loving crab spider and others in Spider Species. You can read spider-inspired poems, sayings and legends from around the world in Spider Yarns. Ever wonder how the Earth connects to the sky? In a Pima Indian myth, a spider spun a web and wove the two together.

Visit: www.spiderroom.info
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