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How Does Cereal Turn Into Milk? Issue Date: 06-15-1997

Cool Spots imageIt happens inside a cow. You can follow this whole process from the pasture to the grocer by taking a virtual tour at the "On the Moove" section of the "MooMilk" Web site at www.moomilk.com. In addition to the virtual tour, you can complete a connect-the-dots game and learn "udderly" everything you ever wanted to know about dairy cows and milk. Test your "cowledge," as they call it, with their quiz or discuss dairy matters in the forum section. You can do all this and a whole lot "moore." So make your mooooove to this Web site, drink your milk, and visit some cows- they are outstanding in their field.

Visit: www.moomilk.com
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560 users rated this site
Creatures Issue Date: 05-04-1997

Cool Spots imageThe Web is filled with things that creep, croak and howl. Visit the dens and hollow logs of the Internet, where you'll find some amazing creatures. At the Wolf Center, www.wolf.org, you can run with the pack. Dig down to Worm World http://yucky.kids.discovery.com. It's one of the yuckiest sites on the Web! Get off your lily pad and hop over to www.cs.
where all things cute and green live and catch flies.

Visit: www.wolf.org
User Rating: 4stars
12 users rated this site
Visit: http://yucky.kids.discovery.com
User Rating: 1stars
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Woooooolves.............. Issue Date: 06-16-1996

Cool Spots imageis a site that is bound to make you howl. Since the beginning of recorded history, wolves have illuminated the art, literature and culture of people throughout the world. Take a look at the stunning photography of these beautiful animals. Download the sound of a howling wolf that will send shivers down your spine. But don't be afraid. The International Wolf Center created this Web site to help you understand this intelligent, highly social creature. Whether you are fascinated or fearful, follow the paw prints to www.wolf.org to learn more about the elusive wolf.

Visit: www.wolf.org
User Rating: 2.8086330764018stars
695 users rated this site

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