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Spotting Snow Leopards Issue Date: 06-07-2009

Cool Spots imageLet your snow leopard knowledge stand out when you discover all there is to know about these magical creatures at Snow Leopards for Kids, www.snowleopardconservancy.org/kids/text/
. This big cat's majestic beauty is featured in Snow Leopard Photos, where you can play slideshows of these white wonders out in the wild or housed in zoos. Once you are done watching videos and catching up on all the snow leopard trivia, have some fun with a couple of searches and puzzles that celebrate this amazing animal.

Visit: www.snowleopardconservancy.org/kids/text/kids.htm
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Meet the Mammals Issue Date: 03-08-2009

Cool Spots imageDrop into the Canadian Museum of Nature's Interactive Gallery at http://nature.ca/discover/exm/index
, where you can learn about life in the wild. Test your skunky social skills when you try to figure out how skunks communicate their feelings. If you want to see what it takes to know your place in the pack, join up with the wolves and discover the intricacies involved in canine communication. Celebrate the traits you share with other mammals in Hot or Cold, and get outdoors no matter what the season.

Visit: http://nature.ca/discover/exm/index_e.cfm
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Mammals Unite Issue Date: 03-02-2008

Cool Spots imageGet to know your mammal relatives when you visit the Mammal Family Reunion at www.mnh.si.edu/mammals. Find out just what it takes to be a mammal, like hair or fur, brains and blood. Over time, mammals have changed. Their environment played a major role in their evolution as they learned to adapt to new circumstances. Get a closeup look at all the continents where mammals reside. Then select a particular ecosystem and find out more about the cool mammals that live there.

Visit: www.mnh.si.edu/mammals
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Holy Hogs! Issue Date: 02-11-2007

Cool Spots imageJoin the swine and wallow in The Joy of Pigs at www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/pigs/smart.html. Pigs are so much more than a food that ends up on your plate. Did you know pigs also hunt for special mushrooms known as truffles? Another fun fact is that pigs are surprisingly clean, smart animals. Potbellied pigs can also make great pets, but make sure to do your research before adding one to your family. These oinkers can weigh up to 300 pounds! To view some pig pics, click on Pigs Around the World and connect with your local mud lovers.

Visit: www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/pigs/smart.html
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Hammin' It Up Issue Date: 07-02-2006

Cool Spots imageGet familiar with hamster hijinks at www.hamstertours.com. Learn secret hamster code and communicate incognito. Feed your brain with a cool recipe for "Ants on a Banana Bus” and click through the Photo Album for pictures of animated hamsters in action. Play games in Hamsteractive, or amaze your friends when you create The Amazin' HamsterScope. When you are ready to head out, drive away in Hamster R.V.s where you can color your own hamster tour bus and site-see through the Web!

Visit: www.hamstertours.com
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