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Soar With The Eagles Issue Date: 12-10-2000

Cool Spots imageSpread your wings and head to the American Bald Eagle Information Web site at www.baldeagleinfo.com. Check out the bald eagle history section, and then learn all about eagle feathers, eye sight, migration, feeding habits and much more. Take a peek at the story of how the eagle became America's national emblem. Also, don't forget to look at all the beautiful photos of eagles. This is one site that will make you soar.

Visit: www.baldeagleinfo.com
User Rating: 3.1714285714282stars
420 users rated this site
Fly Like An Eagle Issue Date: 06-04-2000

Cool Spots imageAround the world, eagles are admired for their power, freedom and the beauty of their flight. Learn more about these awe-inspiring birds at Eagles, a Nature program by PBS. Fly away to www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/eagles/introduction/3089 and get to know these "masters of the sky." Discover the many kinds of eagles, from Africa's Harpy Eagle to the Philippine Eagle. Ever wonder how these birds can spot their prey from high in the sky? The site explains how eagles have vision five times sharper than humans. Then travel to the coast of Africa and learn about the amazing 1993 rediscovery of the Madagascar Serpent Eagle. Also, explore the feature on the return of the bald eagle in the United States, now numbering about 12,000 in the lower 48 states. Whether you're a bird lover or just want to fly the skies, this site soars. The eagle has landed.

Visit: www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/eagles/introduction/3089
User Rating: 2.8266253869971stars
323 users rated this site
The Life of Birds Issue Date: 10-24-1999

Cool Spots imageTo take off on a birdwatching adventure with Sir David Attenborough, just peck www.pbs.org/lifeofbirds into your keyboard. Birds are amazing. Spend some time with the flock at The Life of Birds site, and the next time somebody calls you "bird brain," you'll know to say "Thank you!" Birds are smart! Find out everything you ever wanted to know about our tweety neighbors at this cyber-nest. And be sure to check out the "Champions." It's a hall of fame for feathered friends: the longest beak, the biggest bird, the fastest flyer and the loudest call— you can even hear it through Real Audio.

Visit: www.pbs.org/lifeofbirds
User Rating: 3.297805633229stars
319 users rated this site
What's All the Flap About? Issue Date: 06-20-1999

Cool Spots imageThousands of people around the world love bird watching. Just peck in www.birdsource.org and find BirdSource. You get to be a field researcher, reporting the spottings that help ornithologists track and map our feathered friends that are so important to the world's ecology. Where can you whistle with the warblers and find the falcons? BirdSource will show you, with tips for indentifying birds by sight and through helpful recordings of bird calls. Who's been nesting in your back yard or neighborhood park? They want to know! Be sure to keep up-to-date, too, on the discoveries, such as which rare birds have shown up in residential areas, and why some chickadees are having beak troubles.

Visit: www.birdsource.org
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Alaskan Adventure Issue Date: 03-21-1999

Cool Spots imageBird watchers and tourists alike love catching glimpses of eagles, gulls and seabirds up close. Thanks to Wild-Eyed Alaska, you, too, can take part in the bird gazing! Travel north to www.hhmi.org/alaska and make your way to Gull Island, in Kachemak Bay. The Pratt Museum in Homer, Alaska, has installed four video cameras on the island to keep an eye on the incredible wildlife found here. You'll watch colorful video clips of the black-legged kittiwakes and horned puffins at play, or bald eagles on the hunt. Dive into the sea and swim with whales, sea lions, salmon and more. And be sure to catch the millions of birds migrating south before winter arrives-don't get left behind! Alaska awaits!

Visit: www.hhmi.org/alaska
User Rating: 2.8150807899459stars
557 users rated this site

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