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Birds of England Issue Date: 10-19-2014

Cool Spots imageHave you ever wondered if the same kinds of birds are found in different countries? Join the Junior Bird Club at peckishbirdfood.com/juniorbirdclub, and find out about the birds that live in Great Britain. Download the Bird Spotting Guide and learn to identify Englandís birds, their habitats and food preferences. See if you recognize any birds similar in name or appearance to those found in the United States. No matter where you live, if you would like to attract more birds to your backyard, you can Make a Bird Cake. Did you know there is an English bird that decorates its nest with colorful flowers?

Visit: http://peckishbirdfood.com/juniorbirdclub
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The Migration Game Issue Date: 04-27-2014

Cool Spots imageDid you know that your actions can play a part in helping birds migrate safely? Experience their journey in Mission Migration, audubon.org/games/mission-migration. Each fall, many birds travel to warm climates to escape harsh winters, then return to their breeding grounds in the spring. In this game, it is your job to see that the flock arrives safely at its destination. You will fly over many habitats, such as farmland, cities and forests, dodging planes and storm clouds along the way. When you stop to re-energize, look for healthy food options such as berry bushes, gardens and insects.

Visit: http://audubon.org/games/mission-migration
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All About Birds Issue Date: 07-14-2013

Cool Spots imageWatching birds is a fun hobby for all ages. Nebraskaís diverse avian population is featured at Project Beak, projectbeak.org. Check out Birding Basics, where you can be a casual birder and observe what you see and hear, or you can Gear Up with items such as binoculars, a notebook and a field guide. Attract birds to your backyard by adding feeders, nest boxes and a variety of plants. Birds and People have always interacted, but Fashion describes the downside of bird feathers as a popular ladiesí hat accessory years ago, causing severe declines in some bird populations.

Visit: projectbeak.org
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Grab Your Binoculars! Issue Date: 01-27-2013

Cool Spots imageJoin kids across the country as they get ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count on Feb. 15-18, birdsource.org/gbbc/kids. You can help collect important information on the number and species of birds that spend winter in your area by observing them in your backyard. Top Ten Birds will show you what kinds to look for where you live. Create a free GBBC account to get started. Observe an area for at least 15 minutes on one or more of the count days, then create and submit a checklist for each location. Try to identify bird songs in Guess Who\'s Squawkin\' and become a bird expert! If you like to cook, make Marvel Meal Treat for the birds and share the recipe!

Visit: birdsource.org/gbbc/kids
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Serving It Up Issue Date: 01-03-2010

Cool Spots imageThe Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has some hungry customers at Bill Please, Waiter, www.rspb.org.uk/youth/play/popup_waiter.asp. The Woodland Restaurant is the place to be if you are a bird with a rumbling belly. Your job is to figure out what kind of foods, such as frogs, seaweed and ash seeds, your customers have ordered and make sure you serve them the correct meal. Look out! If you deliver the wrong eats to snapping beaks, things may not work out so well for you. Good luck!

Visit: www.rspb.org.uk/youth/play/popup_waiter.asp
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