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Protecting Birds Issue Date: 04-16-2017

Cool Spots image In England, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Kids, rspb.org.uk/kids-and-schools/kids-and-families/kids, helps bird lovers learn about wild birds and how to protect them. Visit Discover for facts about birds, such as the various habitats in Britain, what native birds eat and how they migrate. Take the Food Chain Challenge, where you will be tasked with finding the right combination to unlock the padlock for five different habitats. Learn why migrating over France is hazardous for swallows in Dangers of Migration Game. Can you guess the U.K.ís favorite bird? Visit Birds and Wildlife to see species that are unique to Britain and Europe.

Visit: http://rspb.org.uk/kids-and-schools/kids-and-families/kids
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Birds of Australia Issue Date: 08-28-2016

Cool Spots imageBirdLife Australia created Birds in Backyards, birdsinbackyards.net, to educate communities about bird conservation. Did you know that certain flowers will attract more birds to your backyard? Creating Places shares guidelines for creating desirable habitats for Australian birds. Gallery of Gardens shows some of the countryís beautiful bird habitats. Check out Nest Box Plans for names of birds that use boxes. Birds are very helpful in controlling insects in any backyard. See a list of Australiaís small insect-eating birds in About Birds. Visit the Powerful Owl NestCam to see this beautiful creature in its natural setting.

Visit: http://birdsinbackyards.net
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Learn About Birds Issue Date: 04-17-2016

Cool Spots imageDid you know there is a bird that spans a wider range of pitches than a piano in a fraction of a second? The Cornell Lab of Ornithology presents Bird Academy, academy.allaboutbirds.org/how-birds-sing/. The beautiful sounds that birds produce come from a special voice box called a syrinx. Discover How and Why Birds Sing. Listen to the Yellow Warblerís song, then compare it to the lovely notes of the Eastern Meadowlark. Check out All About Bird Anatomy to learn how birds are built. You will learn avian anatomy in no time with this interactive feature!

Visit: http://academy.allaboutbirds.org/how-birds-sing/
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Hummingbird Facts Issue Date: 10-25-2015

Cool Spots imageAlthough fall migration is winding down, if you are lucky enough to live in a part of the Western Hemisphere where hummingbirds are found in summer, youíll love hummingbirds.net. This site is filled with information on attracting and watching hummingbirds in North America. The common species in the eastern U.S. is the Ruby-throated, although more than a dozen species are found west of the Rocky Mountains. See the Migration Map in Science for the time of year hummingbirds may visit your area.

Visit: http://hummingbirds.net
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Letís Talk Turkey Issue Date: 11-23-2014

Cool Spots imageDid you know that wild turkeys live in every state in the United States but Alaska? Wild Turkey Identification, allaboutbirds.org/guide/Wild_Turkey/id, is a guide to their habitats, behaviors and unique characteristics. If you live near the woods, you can plant berry or nut-bearing trees to attract wild turkeys to your backyard. Although they forage in fields, they roost in the treetops. Listen to the calls turkeys use to communicate in Sound. Then discover Cool Facts in Life History. Did you know that turkeys can swim?

Visit: http://allaboutbirds.org/guide/Wild_Turkey/id
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