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Warning! Issue Date: 03-21-2010

Cool Spots imageFrogs have survived for hundreds of millions of years, but A Croak of Caution, http://library.thinkquest.org/08aug/02511/home.html, is a cry for help from these resilient green cuties. Climate change, disease and other environmental factors are causing frogs to die at an alarming rate. Follow the frog pictures on the lily pads to learn about their struggle to live and what we can do to help. If we will open our eyes to the signs the frogs are giving us, maybe we can reverse some of the damage we have caused for a better future.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/ 08aug/02511/home.html
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Ribbit Issue Date: 12-06-2009

Cool Spots imageFrogs: A Chorus of Colors, www.amnh.org/exhibitions/frogs, presents a rainbow-like palette of beautiful jumpers. Click on Frog Species to discover some different types of frogs, such as the green invader. Here you'll see where they come from and what they are up to. A Frog's Life will shed some light on how frogs have evolved over time with some great illustrations that you can scroll through. If you want to see frogs in action, check out the FrogCam, which features a vivarium that houses up to 75 different frog species.

Visit: www.amnh.org/exhibitions/frogs
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Creatures Down Under Issue Date: 09-19-2004

Cool Spots imageThe Wildlife of Sydney welcomes you to its home at http://faunanet.gov.au/wos. In Animals, discover the purpose of the loud drone of cicadas. Or examine the life cycle of jellyfish and break down the anatomy of sea squirts. Habitats are grouped by region, including the heath and intertidal areas. After you learn about the animals and their surroundings, try to match them up in Activities. When you're finished, quiz yourself on everything from ants to stick insects.

Visit: http://faunanet.gov.au/wos
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Explorer Beware Issue Date: 10-07-2001

Cool Spots imageDiscover the beauty and danger of Poisonous Plants and Animals at http://library.thinkquest.org/C007974. This site will help you recognize different kinds of poisonous species. It also explains how to avoid encountering poisonous plants and how to avoid a fatal bite. Read about any of the numerous plants such as hemlock, the plant that is famous for killing Socrates. Or learn about the Mexican cactus, which was once worshiped by Indian tribes. Next move on to poisonous animals like the deadly tarantula or the colorful poison dart frog, which releases poison through glands in its skin. In the Amusement section, you can read various myths and stories about animals, or check out some animal trivia. You'll find a new random fact.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/C007974
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Do the Hop Issue Date: 08-08-1999

Cool Spots imageFeelin' a bit froggy? You'll love the offerings at the Exploratorium's Frogs site, a virtual swampland of information on our fave amphibians. Grab a lily pad and float out to www.exploratorium.
an oasis for our hopping green friends. From the mythological toad to the calls of frogs in Puerto Rico's rainforests, the site delivers the facts, and uncovers the myths. You'll visit Rayne, La., also known as Frog City USA, where frog art is plastered across Main Street. Or go back in time to 190 million years ago, when the ancestors of frogs roamed the Earth. Believe it or not, frogs can be found just about anywhere there's fresh water, from the desert to the Arctic. And check out the Frog Tracker, which lets you listen to the calls of different North American frogs. From the bullfrog to the fire-bellied toad, this exhibit is always hopping.

Visit: www.exploratorium.edu/frogs
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