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Nature's History Issue Date: 02-16-2003

Cool Spots imageDiscover a world spanning eons at the Natural History Museum in London at www.nhm.ac.uk. In the Earth lab, you'll find fossils, minerals and rocks. Twelve unidentified fossils are in Quest. Take notes about the fossils and try to identify them. Rub vocal chords with Mother Nature by spinning sound bytes with the nature sound mixer. The AntCast lets you spy on an ant colony with a live video stream. Put your bravery to the test with a visit to an animated T-Rex and other dinosaurs. This museum brings natural history to you.

Visit: www.nhm.ac.uk
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Eggosaurus Issue Date: 01-28-2001

Cool Spots imageIf you've ever wondered about the reality behind the movie "Jurassic Park," take a look at National Geographic's "Dinosaur Eggs" at www.nationalgeographic.com/
. Follow in the footsteps of fossil hunters to see where they find real dinosaur eggs. Then virtually hatch the eggs along with the scientists. Next, see a 3-D model of what the dinosaurs might have looked like. Finally, learn more by visiting the online dinosaur egg museum.

Visit: www.nationalgeographic.com/features/96/dinoeggs
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Diggin' for Dinosaurs Issue Date: 11-12-2000

Cool Spots imageGrab your fossil finder and head to the San Diego Natural History Museum's Dinosaur Dig Kids' Habitat at www.sdnhm.org/kids/dinosaur. Play the "Name That Reptile!" game, and learn about the theories of how dinosaurs became extinct at "Meteors and Mass Extinction." You'll find tons of dinosaur facts at "Dinosaur Bytes." Then tackle the challenging Jurassic Jumble, a word-search game. This site is sure to thrill all dinosaur fans.

Visit: www.sdnhm.org/kids/dinosaur
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Tyrannosaurus Sue Issue Date: 08-06-2000

Cool Spots imageCome face-to-face with the largest and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Field Museum in Chicago. Sue was discovered by fossil hunter Sue Hendrickson more than a decade ago in the badlands of South Dakota. Now you can check out Sue for yourself online at www.fieldmuseum.org/sue. You'll get the lowdown on all of Sue's vital statistics, including her age, height, weight and diet. Cooler yet, the site has a special section about Sue's skull, which shows us how Sue ate, breathed and sensed her environment. The site also features an impressive Image Gallery, complete with a CT scan of the T-Rex's brain and a close-up shot of her giant teeth. A special section just for kids is filled with games, including the Rex-Cross puzzle and the Prehistoric Word Search. Journey to the land of dinosaurs today!

Visit: www.fieldmuseum.org/sue
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The Latest In Dino Technology Issue Date: 01-31-1999

Cool Spots imageMost kids dig dinosaurs, right? Well, so do paleontologists! But they do more than DIG them. They spend hours in labs trying to understand the dinosaurs' lives on the ancient Earth. Why don't you pop into the lab and see what's being discovered these days at http://science.nationalgeographic.com/
. With this interactive site, you're in for a roaring-good time! Dinorama takes you through everything from excavating dinosaur skeletons to using computers in building models. Find out why dinosaur skulls are so fragile, watch the hatching of a dinosaur egg, and see why some scientists think these big lizards might really be related to birds.

Visit: http://science.nationalgeographic.com/science/prehistoric-world.html
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