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Fossil Findings Issue Date: 09-04-2005

Cool Spots imageDig around the Museum of Paleontology at www.ucmp.berkeley.edu for some fossil fun. Discover the History of Life by viewing several exhibits about phylogeny, geology and evolution. The Paleontology Portal takes you to a fossil gallery, where you can choose a time period to see what life was like. Then, Explore Our Collections and view databases and catalogs, which include images of plants, invertebrates, vertebrates and microfossils. No bones about it, this site rocks.

Visit: www.ucmp.berkeley.edu
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In the Name of Science Issue Date: 08-14-2005

Cool Spots imageStrange Science at www.strangescience.net proves that science doesn't always have to make sense. Throughout time, scientists have come up with some pretty weird ideas. Goof Gallery houses a collection of mistakes made by early scientists in their ideas about Dinosaurs and Dragons, Mammals, Hominids and Sea Monsters. Visit Timeline for a look at some of the significant events in paleontology and biology history. Without the misguided attempts of scientists, science wouldn't be where it is today. Venture to Biographies to pay homage to some of these individuals. This science will leave you thinking outside the box.

Visit: www.strangescience.net
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A T-Rex Named Wyrex Issue Date: 07-04-2004

Cool Spots imageGet an up-close view of the world's first interactive dinosaur dig as it happened. Unearthing T-Rex, at www.unearthingtrex.com, takes you inside an excavation that unearthed a 65 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex nicknamed Wyrex. Read about the crewmembers who worked to unearth Wyrex. The team wrote about their daily progress in Field Journals. They included notes on what they ate for lunch, how the weather was each day and, of course, what they found.

Visit: www.unearthingtrex.com
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Dino Explorers Issue Date: 01-04-2004

Cool Spots imageBe part of Project Exploration, a program giving kids hands-on, scientific research experience at www.projectexploration.org. In Kids' Work, you can read about Hugo Pelayo, a junior paleontologist, and other students who are involved in dinosaur digs. An interactive map allows you to see where people have recently discovered dinosaur bones. Analyze the work of Dr. Paul Sereno's crew of paleontologists with field updates and photographs from dig sites.

Visit: www.projectexploration.org
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Hadrosaurus Foulkii Issue Date: 10-26-2003

Cool Spots imageDinosaurs haven't always been hanging out in museums. William Parker Foulke had to dig up the first set of bones. The process of Finding the World's First Dinosaur Skeleton is recorded at www.levins.com/dinosaur.shtml. As big as 20 feet long and 10 feet wide, Hadrosaurus foulkii was a larger-than-life discovery, but a tiny iguana was a big clue in reconstructing the skeleton. Read about its 1858 uncovering and 1995 dedication as a historic landmark. Then take a virtual tour of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, home to many prehistoric creatures. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.levins.com/dinosaur.shtml
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