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Diggin\' Deep Issue Date: 01-04-2009

Cool Spots imageThe Canadian Museum of Nature invites you on a virtual tour full of facts and games at Gallery Interactives, http://nature.ca/discover/exf/index_e.cfm. It's your turn to Be The Artist when you color in new prehistoric friends. Then, play superhero as you help different dino species time travel back to find their homes. Discover who survives tough times in Winners and Losers, where you find out which animals lived through the K-T Boundary. From geography to history, this site has got it all covered, so have fun learning today!

Visit: http://nature.ca/discover/exf/index_e.cfm
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Diggin' on Dinos Issue Date: 07-29-2007

Cool Spots imageGrab your gear because you are heading out on a virtual dinosaur dig courtesy of the Smithsonian at http://paleobiology.
. Break out your rock pick and carefully chisel away at a hidden fossil. As you unveil your underground treasure, carefully use your paintbrush to flick away bits of dirt and dust. Gently wrap, bag and tag your specimen before taking it back to the museum. Once you arrive at your lab, unwrap your prehistoric marvel and prepare it for an exhibition. Click and drag the bones into place to show off your find.

Visit: http://paleobiology.si.edu/dinosaurs/interactives/dig/main.html
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A Past That Rocks Issue Date: 09-03-2006

Cool Spots imageDig deep into geology at www.childrens
. Rex the Dino Detective will lead you through Geo Mysteries, where no rock, fossil or mineral is left unturned. Maybe you can figure out the secret of the floating rock or uncover the truth behind the origins of the golden cube. Time travel to the era of your choice in Timeline and examine fossils such as a giant shark tooth and ancient ferns. Tips on searching for fossils and equipment needs will help you discover your inner geologist at Field Tips.

Visit: www.childrensmuseum.org/geomysteries/mysteries.html
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The Divine Dino Issue Date: 04-23-2006

Cool Spots imageUnveil the mystery behind dinosaurs when you search Discovering Dinosaurs at http://search.eb.com/dinosaurs/dinosaurs. When you enter this site, facts from different time periods beckon you to explore the evolution of dinosaurs. Become an expert on the great dino debate when you research Environment, Anatomy, Behavior and Physiology. Check out IMAX to observe a Tyrannosaurus rex hunt his prey. There is never a dull moment when you roam the wild with these amazing beasts!

Visit: http://search.eb.com/dinosaurs/dinosaurs
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Fossil Finds Issue Date: 04-02-2006

Cool Spots imageGet the scoop on fossils as you dive into Paleontology: The Big Dig at www.amnh.org/explore/ology/paleontology. Fossils are the remains or traces of ancient life usually buried in rocks. Go Face-To-Fossil with Deena Soris as she "digs" into Proto Andy and learn what it was like when he was alive and how he became a fossil. In Beyond T.rex, explore strange and unusual dinosaurs such as the Drinker nisti. Bone up on your fossils in Fighting Dinos and find out how these creatures may have died. No bones about it, this site will withstand the test of time.

Visit: www.amnh.org/explore/ology/paleontology
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