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Dinosaur Mystery Issue Date: 05-15-2016

Cool Spots imageThere are many theories about why dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago. What Killed the Dinosaurs?, tinyurl.com/hguwsd5, examines some of them. Geological evidence suggests that natural disasters may have played a role. One hypothesis is that an Asteroid Impact caused dinosaurs to die. Play the animation to see an impact equal to 300 million atomic bombs. Another theory is that volcanoes erupting over centuries released so much gas and ash into the atmosphere that sunlight was prevented from reaching Earth.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/hguwsd5
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Prehistoric Life Issue Date: 01-17-2016

Cool Spots imageDid you know that kids can be paleontologists? National Fossil Day Kids, nature.nps.gov/geology/nationalfossilday/kids.cfm, has games, activities and information about the scientists who study animals that lived millions of years ago. Read about a 10-year-old who became curator of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for a day. He even gave a lecture about how he became interested in prehistoric life. Learn how Kylie, at just 7 years old, found a museum-quality fossil while hiking. You can be a WebRanger in Paleontology Online.

Visit: http://nature.nps.gov/geology/nationalfossilday/kids.cfm
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Dinosaur Games Issue Date: 11-29-2015

Cool Spots imageStep into the world of Dinosaurs, discoverykids.com/category/dinosaurs, with Discovery Kids’ collection of games, videos and activities. Do you think you know a lot about dinosaurs? Take the Dinosaurs Quiz to find out. You will get a chuckle when you see dinos dancing in “So You Think Dinosaurs Can Dance?” Dinosaurs and birds have always been linked. Read the article “Is There a Link Between Dinosaurs and Birds?” to find out whether birds came before dinosaurs. Grab your magnifying glass and Zoom in on T. Rex, right down to those 6-inch teeth! Then take a closer look at one of the largest dinosaurs ever found, the Futalognkosaurus.

Visit: http://discoverykids.com/category/dinosaurs
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Dino Fun Issue Date: 11-01-2015

Cool Spots imageScholastic presents Dinosaurs, teacher.scholastic.com/activities/dinosaurs, an interactive site you can use for research or fun. Drag the creatures to their correct time period in Dinosaur Times. Show What You Know when you play Real or Make-believe? and try to determine whether statements are fact or fiction. For instance, did snakes exist with dinosaurs? If you’re asked to write about dinosaurs, there are many genres to choose from. Discover a genre you like in Dinosaur Write. Research Starters gives you ideas for projects. Visit Ask a Dinosaur Expert and read about fossil hunter Sue Hendrickson.

Visit: http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/dinosaurs
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Ancient Life on Earth Issue Date: 02-09-2014

Cool Spots imageHave you ever wondered about Prehistoric Life, bbc.co.uk/nature/prehistoric? Take a closer look at the mighty creatures who once roamed the planet, such as the woolly mammoth and Tyrannosaurus rex. See scientists unwrap the remains of the Yuka mammoth found in the Siberian wilderness. Did you know that an ostrich’s legs are similar to T-rex’s? Watch How Fast Was T-rex? to see an ostrich running on a treadmill, helping scientists determine the speed of the ancient lizard. In History of Life on Earth, you can learn the about the Big Five extinctions.

Visit: http://bbc.co.uk/nature/prehistoric
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