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Animal Magnetism Issue Date: 05-29-2011

Cool Spots imageIf you love creatures big and small, Animals: Explore, Discover, Connect, www.seaworld.org/animal-info, is full of awesome information. Looking for fun facts to impress your friends and fellow animal admirers? Animal Bytes clues you into mammals, reptiles and bony fish, among others. Move over to Wild World, where different ecosystems are at your fingertips as you explore various habitats. Do you want to work with animals when you grow up? Browse through Career Resources and find inspiration for future jobs.

Visit: www.seaworld.org/animal-info
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Your New Mission Issue Date: 04-03-2011

Cool Spots imageNature Missions, www2.ville.montreal.qc.ca/
, is a place where young explorers can travel the globe, learn about new environments and the creatures that inhabit them. Each destination has a special mission for hardy troupers, so prepare yourself for the challenge. You may be asked to identify animals and organisms, and to play games. You will meet amazing experts such as Professor Penguin, secret agent Lynx-eye and Captain Fish, so choose your destination for an exciting trip.

Visit: www2.ville.montreal.qc.ca/biodome/espace-jeunes/missions-nature/jeunes/index.php?lg=en
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Wired Into the Wild Issue Date: 02-20-2011

Cool Spots imageEarth Rangers at www.earthrangers.com, want to bring back the wild in a big way by educating young people about the struggles animals face in their quest for survival. Get your daily dose of biodiversity basics by clicking “Start,” where you can access the latest posts and browse through the archives. Check back often for valuable information on cool topics such as the lazy red panda, walrus teeth and diving turtles. There are many areas you can search through, so learn how squids “talk” to one another and find out what a camel stores in its hump today!

Visit: www.earthrangers.com
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Animal Action Issue Date: 02-13-2011

Cool Spots imageAnimals Past and Present, http://urbanext.illinois.edu/animals, has a wealth of information about the history of animals on planet Earth. Stretching back billions of years, this timeline introduces you to creatures that are extinct and those still thriving on Earth. Journey to Frosty Animals to watch Ice Ages come and go, and see which animals were able to adapt to the cold and those who could not survive. Jet back to The Reign of the Dinosaurs for a look at the many species that flourished. Bookmark this to share with your friends.

Visit: http://urbanext.illinois.edu/animals
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Bark, Bark! Where Are You? Issue Date: 11-07-2010

Cool Spots imageCalling dog lovers everywhere! Hunter's Search Dog Kids Area, http://jcsda.com/kids, is a great place to find out how dogs can play a role in wilderness safety. Click on All About SAR Dogs to discover how these super-smart canines help find people who get lost in the wild. From learning how to jump high and run fast, to obeying commands, this is no easy job. You should also check out Hunter's Wilderness Tips so you can be safe and enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind. Hats off to the dogs who work hard watching out for our safety!

Visit: http://jcsda.com/kids
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