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Creatures and Rocks Galore Issue Date: 09-01-2013

Cool Spots imageThe Oxford University Museum of Natural History presents The Learning Zone, www.oum.ox.ac.uk/thezone. This is the place to visit for projects on Animals, Insects, Fossils or Rocks. First you can explore the site to find your topic. Now click on a category to find the cool facts you need to ace your assignment. Let’s say you discover an unusual tiny creature in your backyard. Visit Insects and use Instant I.D. to find a picture of that bug and learn more about it. Once you’ve finished your research, it’s time for a challenge: Play Rocky’s Rock Cycle Games in Funstuff.

Visit: www.oum.ox.ac.uk/thezone
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Aardvarks to Zebras Issue Date: 07-21-2013

Cool Spots imageYour next research project will be a breeze with Encyclopedia of Life, eol.org. Have you ever had to wade through websites or books to find the right information for an assignment? EOL gathers information from trusted sources such as museums, universities and top scientists to provide the most complete information about life on Earth. Enhance a presentation with images, video and maps. The searchable database simplifies every quest. For instance, if you search “Birds of Costa Rica” you will see the strikingly colorful Scarlet Macaw (Ara Macao).

Visit: eol.org
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Observe and Report Issue Date: 05-19-2013

Cool Spots imageJoin students all over the world who are tracking this spring’s wildlife migration at Journey North for Kids, learner.org
. You can use your own backyard to collect data about whatever you are interested in. Did you know that monarch butterflies fly to and from Mexico? Try to spot the first arrivals and record your sightings. Watch the Robin’s Nest Movie and gather clues about how the mother provides tiny bits of food to feed her babies. Gray whales swim more than 10,000 miles every year – see how they survive the journey.

Visit: learner.org/jnorth/KidsJourneyNorth.html
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Wild Michigan Issue Date: 11-18-2012

Cool Spots imageThe University of Michigan created BioKIDS, www.biokids.umich.edu, to help kids learn about the diverse species of animals that live in southeast Michigan and beyond. Start with Critter Catalog to access pictures, facts and sounds of many furry and not-so-furry creatures. In Mammals you can find pictures of wolves, foxes and relatives, and hear a coyote howl. Move on to Birds and listen to the cuckoos to see if you’ve heard that sound in your yard. Before searching for more creatures, stop by the Tracks and Sign Guide so you'll know just what to look for!

Visit: www.biokids.umich.edu
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Growth and Change Issue Date: 02-26-2012

Cool Spots imageLife Has a History, ucmp.berkeley.edu/education/explorations/tours/intro/Introkto4b/tour1nav.php, is a fascinating resource that will help you understand how much life on Earth has changed over time. Look at pictures to see what living things look familiar to you. Now, look closely at the photos of cute and cuddly kittens and compare their features to the saber-toothed cat. How do genetics play a role in their appearance and development? Pay attention, and you will discover how new species evolve and why creatures may change over time.

Visit: ucmp.berkeley.edu/education/explorations/tours/intro/Introkto4b/tour1nav.php
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