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Animal Facts Issue Date: 05-25-2014

Cool Spots imageDo you have a favorite animal you like to see when you go to the zoo? Animal Needs, harcourtschool.com/activity/animalneeds, is a game where you will learn interesting facts about how animals adapt to the conditions they live in. For instance, did you know that the panda does not hibernate during the winter? Its fur gets thicker during the winter months to adapt to the colder environment. To play this game, choose a button on the projector and an animal will appear on the screen, along with a fact about it. Itís your job to figure out which need this characteristic meets. You can select from oxygen, climate, food, water and shelter/protection.

Visit: http://harcourtschool.com/activity/animalneeds
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Elephant Odyssey Issue Date: 01-12-2014

Cool Spots imageThe San Diego Zoo invites you on a journey that began 200,000 years ago. Travel on safari to Elephant Odyssey,elephantodyssey.com/game. Would you like to see what itís like to be a Columbian Mammoth? Although the scenery is quiet, you will encounter all types of obstacles. Some of the animals you will meet are friendly. Greet them, then answer a trivia question to earn bonus points. Cool off with a swim across the pond and figure out where to go next, but watch out for the saber-toothed cat. You might have to defend yourself!

Visit: http://elephantodyssey.com/game
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Build Your Wild Self Issue Date: 12-08-2013

Cool Spots imageGo wild at the New York Zoos and Aquariumís Build Your Wild Self, buildyourwildself.com. How creative are you? Turn your self-portrait into one that resembles exotic creatures youíve seen in books. First design your human self, and then add headgear, ears, a face, arms, and even choose from a selection of tails and backgrounds to complete your digital portrait. Once you click IíM DONE, you can learn about some of the parts you selected. For instance, did you know that an Asian elephantís ears can hear other elephants from miles away by feeling vibrations?

Visit: http://buildyourwildself.com
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Animals Across the Globe Issue Date: 10-27-2013

Cool Spots imageGo Wild, gowild.wwf.org.uk, with games and activities that will teach you about your favorite animals. In Asia, help a lost rhino find his mother when you play Escape the Poachers. Did you know that the Sumatran tiger may be homeless soon if we donít protect its habitat? Explore the Oceans with Shelley the hawksbill turtle, then take the Water World Quiz to test your knowledge. Meet Sakari the polar bear and read about Scottís Antarctic expeditions. They were dangerous, but they led to important discoveries about the South Pole. In the Americas, help the Amazon River dolphin get home in Dolphin Danger.

Visit: http://gowild.wwf.org.uk
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A Virtual Zoo Issue Date: 09-29-2013

Cool Spots imageVisit the animals that live at the Philadelphia Zoo, philadelphiazoo.org/Animals.htm, Americaís first zoo. Whether youíre researching a school project or just want to know more about your favorite animals, youíll find the information you need. Check out The Most Endangered Animals to see wildlife such as the Western Lowland Gorilla. Have you ever seen a Golden Lion Tamarin? Learn about this tiny primate in Save Wildlife. Nearly 1 billion birds die each year from window collisions. The Migratory Bird Initiative tells what the zoo is doing to help.

Visit: http://philadelphiazoo.org/Animals.htm
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