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Sumatran Tiger Game Issue Date: 08-02-2015

Cool Spots imageThe San Diego Zoo presents Tiger Trail, sdzsafaripark.org/tigertrailgame, an exciting game where you help the Sumatran tiger navigate its environment. As you play Tiger Trail, see how tigers are top predators, but must still avoid dangers as they hunt for food. Traveling the trail, you will need to think fast in order to avoid poachers’ traps. After you play the game, Explore Tiger Trail and Watch Tigers in action. You may be surprised to learn that not all cats dislike water. In Tiger Power, watch Tiger in Water and see how well they can swim.

Visit: http://sdzsafaripark.org/tigertrailgame
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Jungle Life Issue Date: 07-26-2015

Cool Spots imageExperience wildlife in the Jungle Journey Game, pbs.org/wnet/ nature/deep-jungle-game/11479. Start at the Canopy to learn about the creatures who live there. Did you know that sloths spend most of their lives hanging upside down? A howler monkey’s call can be heard from two miles away! As you travel down to the Understory, meet the jungle’s top predator — can you guess what it is? On the Forest Floor you’ll find some creepy creatures to watch out for next time you examine a bunch of bananas at the grocery store.

Visit: http://pbs.org/wnet/nature/deep-jungle-game/11479
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Animals of Africa Issue Date: 05-10-2015

Cool Spots imageExperience the animals in Africa at Mpala Live!, mpalalive.org. Live Cam takes you right to the African Safari Cam, where on any given day you might see hippos cooling off at the watering hole or elephants taking a stroll. You may also spot a giraffe having an afternoon snack. The Field Guide is a resource for facts about various animals’ behavior, diet, population, social structure and habitat. This site could be a great resource for a research project. Stories From the Bush is a library of videos compiled by experts who study the animals living at the Mpala Research Centre in Kenya.

Visit: http://mpalalive.org
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Where Do They Live? Issue Date: 03-15-2015

Cool Spots imageHave you ever wondered why you never see penguins walking around your neighborhood? Humans and Animal Habitats, abpischools.org.uk/activescience/module2/home.html, examines why certain animals are suited to specific areas of the world. Play the Habitats Game and learn how parrots’ diets influence their preference for a warm climate instead of a snowy one. Tropical Rainforests are close to the equator, are humid all year, and are ideal habitats for many plants and animals. Find out which animals need air to breathe but live happily in the sea.

Visit: http://abpischools.org.uk/activescience/module2/home.html
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Animals of Alaska Issue Date: 02-01-2015

Cool Spots imageAlaska’s Animals, adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfmadfg=home.main, are amazing creatures able to survive the state’s harsh winters. Find Species Information, then click on Animals to learn how Mountain Goats’ specialized hooves allow them to jump and climb the steep, rough terrain. This helps keep them safe from predators. Beluga Whales use a snorkeling technique to breathe. They can make more sounds than any other marine animal. Find out more in Life History. Did you know that sea turtles become herbivores as adults?

Visit: http://adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfmadfg=home.main
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