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Nature's History Issue Date: 02-16-2003

Cool Spots imageDiscover a world spanning eons at the Natural History Museum in London at www.nhm.ac.uk. In the Earth lab, you'll find fossils, minerals and rocks. Twelve unidentified fossils are in Quest. Take notes about the fossils and try to identify them. Rub vocal chords with Mother Nature by spinning sound bytes with the nature sound mixer. The AntCast lets you spy on an ant colony with a live video stream. Put your bravery to the test with a visit to an animated T-Rex and other dinosaurs. This museum brings natural history to you.

Visit: www.nhm.ac.uk
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Creature Feature Issue Date: 10-21-2001

Cool Spots imageCheck out Animaland at www.aspca.org/aspcakids. At this Web site, you'll find many interesting creatures such as the black coral of Hawaii or the huge leatherback turtle. In the Our Heroes section, you can learn about a cat who saved her kittens from a fire. If you are interested in a career working with animals, visit the Career Center and meet a doctor who specializes in spiders. Don't forget to play fetch with Buddy in the Games section. Stop by this Web site to visit the zoo in your computer.

Visit: www.aspca.org/aspcakids
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Krazy For Kratts Issue Date: 09-09-2001

Cool Spots imageTrek to PBS' zany Kratts' Creatures site at http://pbskids.org/krattscreatures. The Kratts take you around the world to learn about odd, interesting animals. The Creature World section is the place to learn about flying foxes, study the meerkat or swim with stingrays. In the Creature of the Week section, use clues to discover the mystery animal. Then play some wild creature games before you head home.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/krattscreatures
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Apes in the Bronx Issue Date: 06-17-2001

Cool Spots imageGet ready for an exciting jungle journey. Visit the Bronx Zoo's Congo Gorilla Forest at www.congo
to experience the sights and sounds of an African jungle. Learn about two troops of lowland gorillas as well as various species of birds, reptiles and fish. Discover how this 6.5-acre forest was constructed, from its 50-foot trees to its gushing waterfalls. You'll go "ape" over this great site.

Visit: www.congogorillaforest.com
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Wildlife Migration Issue Date: 06-17-2001

Cool Spots imageFly the friendly skies with Journey North: A Global Study of Wildlife Migration at www.learner.org/jnorth. Find out how you can help track many species' migration north for the summer. See where some magnificent bald eagles have been sighted this spring, and discover how a New York biologist raised the number of nesting eagles from two to more than 102. Also, check out the migration patterns of robins, manatees and even humpback whales. Watch for the budding signs of spring in tulips, frogs, earthworms and maple sugaring. Make sure to examine today's news to catch the latest on the Journey North project. Spread your wings and fly over to this amazing site today.

Visit: www.learner.org/jnorth
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