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Zoorrific Issue Date: 06-03-2007

Cool Spots imageCome visit the animals at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Audiences/kids. Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle lets you piece together many different types of zoo creatures, like the brown bear or the ruffled lemur. Just choose your animal and click and drag the puzzle pieces to form a complete picture. Browse through What's in a Name to learn how your favorite animals got their monikers. Then click on Coloring Pages to print out a creative canvas. The Conservation Kids Club always has room for members who want to help endangered species, so sign up today.

Visit: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Audiences/kids
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Know the Trail Issue Date: 09-24-2006

Cool Spots imageHop on board a flight to the Ituri Forest to discover the Ways of Knowing Trail at www.brookfieldzoo.org/pagegen/wok/
. Click on new friends and get to know whom you are traveling with. On your journey to Epulu, they will be ready to give advice when challenges arise. Marching through the jungle can be rough when you encounter wild elephants and biting insects, but the Forest Factbook is at your disposal. With Tausi, Geoff, Kenge and Terese at your side, this adventure is unforgettably fun.

Visit: www.brookfieldzoo.org/pagegen/wok/ways_index.html
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Lab Rats Issue Date: 09-17-2006

Cool Spots imageLearn all about responsible animal care in labs when you visit www.kids4
. Click on Animals to read up on pets in the classroom and create a Critter Care Committee to help with duties. Debates show you the popular responses to questions about animal testing, and Diseases explains the benefits of testing to develop cures. Are you interested in an animal laboratory science career? Learn all about possible jobs and the challenges that accompany them, and decide if this is field for you by answering a few questions. Fun Stuff is a must-see with cool games and projects.

Visit: www.kids4research.org
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Explore Big Issue Date: 09-03-2006

Cool Spots imageVisit the cool creatures of the Big Big World at http://pbskids.org/bigbigworld. Snook welcomes you into the World Tree. Help Burdette design her tree house as you choose furniture and pick colors. Join Ick the fish down at the pond for some coloring fun. Oko is ready to dance and show you the butterfly's life cycle. Madge waits to share some interactive stories at the base of the tree, and if you are musically inclined, Smooch and Winslow, two crazy monkeys, will help you record your own song.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/bigbigworld
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Animal Alert Issue Date: 06-25-2006

Cool Spots imageDiscover the rise of the animal kingdom with The Shape of Life at www.pbs.org/kcet/shapeoflife. In Origins, see what group of creatures scientists believe to have been the first animal. Learn about movement for survival when you read up on Life on the Move and The First Hunter. Stake your claim on new territory with The Conquerors, and become a survivor when you learn about animal diversity. See where you fit in this awesome circle of life with Bones, Brawn and Brains.

Visit: www.pbs.org/kcet/shapeoflife
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