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Animal Facts You Never Knew! Issue Date: 09-10-2017

Cool Spots image The Animal Fact Guide, animalfactguide.com, is a terrific place to gather information about many types of animals, some of which may be unfamiliar to you. Did you know that meerkats have sentries who alert the group if a predator is near? Find out how these creatures are uniquely adapted to survive in the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Discover some unusual behaviors that gave the Tasmanian devil its name. The ring-tailed lemur can only be found on the island of Madagascar. Can you find out how long it stays with its mother? Whether you are creating a science project for school or writing a paper about your favorite animal, this is a great place to begin your research.

Visit: http://animalfactguide.com
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Nature Photography Issue Date: 07-09-2017

Cool Spots image Do you enjoy taking photographs? The National Wildlife Federation created the Wildlife PhotoZone, tinyurl.com/ktt69jf, to showcase photographs of amazing animals all over the planet. Images can be submitted by both amateurs and professionals. Photos of the Week features the editors’ favorite contest entries. Do you have a talent for writing? Enter the monthly Caption Contest to utilize your skills. If you are new to photography, the best place to begin is your own backyard. Birds are an excellent subject because you can place bird feeders and water features in areas that also have good natural light. Check out the PhotoZone Archives for more incredible images.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/ktt69jf
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Canadian Wildlife Issue Date: 01-22-2017

Cool Spots imageThe Canadian Wildlife Federation showcases the country’s variety of animals in their natural habitats in Hinterland Who’s Who, hww.ca. Photographs, videos and sound clips will help you experience Wildlife up close. Have you ever heard of lemmings? These little mammals are an essential food source for tundra predators because they remain active throughout the frigid Arctic winters. Peek into Wild Spaces, including the Coastal Rainforest, Estuaries, Ecozones and Peatlands, and the species that inhabit them. Learn about Biodiversity in a funny Webisodes video that explains its importance in Canada. Visit The Wild Gang for games and other Stuff to Do.

Visit: http://hww.ca
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Zoo News Issue Date: 12-18-2016

Cool Spots image You hear daily news about people’s activities, but what about plants and animals? San Diego Zoo Global ZooNooz, zoonooz.sandiegozoo.org, wants students to stay informed about their favorite creatures around the world. In Animals, read Zari’s Choice, about a friendly zebra who has delighted zoo visitors for several years, and the training that has kept her in good health. Keeper Notes introduces you to specific animals from their caretakers’ point of view. Did you know there are flesh-eating plants at the zoo? Read about how they continue to grow in spite of a drought.

Visit: http://zoonooz.sandiegozoo.org
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Learn About Cows Issue Date: 08-14-2016

Cool Spots imageThe Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory, aipl.arsusda.gov/kc/kcindex.html, is a helpful resource for dairy farmers. AIPL keeps records about milk production and criteria for evaluating the best bulls and cows. Do you know what piece of machinery was invented that allowed farmers to increase the number of cows milked per hour from six to 100? Cows in the United States produce 2,000 gallons of milk annually! Read more about Cows, then take the quiz. In Dairy, learn the process invented by French scientist Louis Pasteur that made milk safe.

Visit: http://aipl.arsusda.gov/kc/kcindex.html
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