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The Best Medicine Issue Date: 01-07-2007

Cool Spots imageLaugh your way to good health at http://library.
. If you are feeling stressed or a little blue, find out what causes your stress and see how laughter can help put a smile back on your face. A little humor can go a long way. Emotions play a role in how we feel every day because we have negative and positive responses to the world around us. Click on What's So Funny? to find out why we laugh and discover why age and gender make a big difference when it comes to humor. Save some time for Interactive Fun where you will find stress-busting jokes and hilarious photos.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/25500
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Brain Science Issue Date: 12-17-2006

Cool Spots imageBountiful brain food can be found when you visit Neuroscience for Kids at http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/
. Discover the real differences between male and female brains. Ouch! No one likes to be in pain, but did you know pain is essential to prevent you from exposing yourself to further injury? Take a peek into your kitchen cabinet and then read up on how the color of food and drink affects its taste. Then, test your reflexes or sniff out The Senses to learn how people see, hear, smell, taste and touch the world around them. Visit this mental marvel today!

Visit: http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/neurok.html
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Medicinal Mystery Issue Date: 10-22-2006

Cool Spots imageKids of all ages can join the interactive adventure in The Reconstructors at http://reconstructors.rice.edu/recon1, where you will travel into the future to solve medicinal mysteries. Blast forward to the year 2252 to play the role of scientist, geographer, historian and detective as you discover the harmful and helpful effects of drugs. Alpha Leader, Beta, Delta and Eureka are standing by with clues and advice, so be sure to pay attention. Have fun finding the secrets of good health.

Visit: http://reconstructors.rice.edu/recon1
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Sweet Dreams Issue Date: 04-16-2006

Cool Spots imageDiscover how sleep works with P.J. Bear when you visit Sleep for Kids at www.sleepforkids.org. Are Nightmares keeping you awake? Dreams will help you analyze your fears with nighttime tips. Counting sheep may not help if you can't sleep, but you might like other ideas such as exercising during the day or avoiding caffeine. For a bedtime blast, check out Games and Puzzles, but don't stay up too late! Before you turn in, help P.J Bear Bring out the Stars for a beautiful night sky. You will quickly doze off knowing you are in control of your sleep.

Visit: www.sleepforkids.org
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Braille Bug Byte Issue Date: 11-06-2005

Cool Spots imageThe friendly Braille Bug at www.afb.org/braille
tells how more than 10 million people use their sense of touch to read what they cannot see. At What Is Braille, you can decipher the code and print out your own Braille alphabet key. Prove that you are smarter than the Braille Bug in a trivia game at Games and Secret Messages. Also, learn about Louis Braille and Helen Keller, who helped raise awareness for the visually impaired. The Braille Bug is a site you'll want to see.

Visit: www.afb.org/braillebug
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