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Staying Happy and Healthy Issue Date: 10-18-2009

Cool Spots imageKeep your health in check with About Kids Health, www.aboutkidshealth.ca/
. Click on Health to learn all about common illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and epilepsy. If you have ever wondered about your body’s need to eliminate waste, check out Peeing for more info on this vital function. Life has great info on how new babies affect families and can also help you improve your diet with a better understanding of the food groups. No matter what you read, this site is a great step toward a happier and healthier you!

Visit: www.aboutkidshealth.ca/JustForKids
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Getting Older? Issue Date: 12-23-2007

Cool Spots imageExplore what happens as you age when you step into the Amazing Aging Machine at www.redshiftnow.ca/aging. The Secrets of Aging spills the beans on why scientists think our bodies appear older as we age. Scroll through the timeline in Oh Grow Up! and get a great visual of two youngsters as the years of their lives pass by. Next, Einstein will help explain how your senses age as you mouse around on his face in Are You Losing Your Senses. Be sure to eat your vegetables, wear sunscreen and stay young at heart for a youthful glow!

Visit: www.redshiftnow.ca/aging
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Hear This! Issue Date: 07-15-2007

Cool Spots imageDiscover the tools that help deaf people to hear the world around them at Deafness in Disguise, http://beckerexhibits.wustl.edu/did. The Washington University School of Medicine wants to share cool photos with you, so click on Images to search your subject of interest. From acoustic headsets to fans, see how doctors in the 19th century helped the hearing impaired. The development of electrical hearing aids in the 20th century provided an innovative and more affordable way to give the gift of sound. View original advertisements for hearing aids in Marketing of Hearing Devices and see how the approach has changed over time.

Visit: http://beckerexhibits.wustl.edu/did
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Bodacious Bodies Issue Date: 04-01-2007

Cool Spots imageMaximize your health at BAM!, Body and Mind, when you visit www.bam.gov/sub_
. The Immune Platoon is ready to fight off all the germs that make you sick with their white blood cell superpowers. Food and Nutrition will have you playing gourmet games geared to help you maximize your body's potential. Take the profile quiz in Physical Activity to figure out the perfect plan to keep your beautiful bod moving and grooving. It is important to keep Your Safety in mind while you are out and about. Answer questions with a visit to Your Body, and start taking care of yours today!

Visit: www.bam.gov/sub_diseases
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Staying Healthy Issue Date: 02-25-2007

Cool Spots imageBlast sickness away when you visit Infection Detection Protection at www.amnh.org/nationalcenter/infection. Meet the Microbes to view cool pictures of these microscopic malcontents. Do you have a strong stomach? Play Bacteria in the Cafeteria for an inside look at the living microbes in your lunchroom. Lou has the flu and she wants you to know how this virus travels the globe. Before you log off, visit the Prevention Convention where tips on staying healthy are a click away. So, skip the raw cookie dough and eat the finished product.

Visit: www.amnh.org/nationalcenter/infection
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