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Eye Site Issue Date: 03-26-2000

Cool Spots imageHang out with two dancing eyeballs. Meet Twinkle and Eyenstein, two happy eyeballs who will show you the facts about eyesight at their eye site. Take a look-see at http://keystoneblind.org/wiseweb/wiseweb.htm. First, check out Twinkle and Eyenstein's funny photo album. Then voyage to the middle of an eyeball to see what it looks like when you're looking. From the pupil to the optic nerve, there's an amazing little world at work inside your peepers. Give them some exercise, too. Be mind-boggled with optical illusions, or stretch that artistic eye by entering the monthly coloring contest. You can also learn about what happens when a person goes blind. Have you ever tried to walk around with a blindfold on? You can ask questions about blindness here and even spend a day with a really sweet Seeing Eye dog. Open your eyes to the possibilities at Twinkle & Eyenstein's Wise Eye Web site.

Visit: http://keystoneblind.org/wiseweb/wiseweb.htm
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Body and Soul Issue Date: 08-22-1999

Cool Spots imageIt's "all aboard" for KidsHealth.org, the ultimate Web site dealing with wellness and health for young people. From knee scrapes to asthma to eating disorders, the site tackles a whole variety of medical concerns, both big and small. Start feeling good at http://kidshealth.org where you'll learn how the body works, how to stay safe, and how to treat everyday illnesses. Why do we have belly buttons? What causes hic-cups? The experts at KidsHealth.org have great answers to questions like these, plus medical facts for you, your older siblings and your parents. Once here, you'll find plenty of cool articles, animations and games. Be sure to check out Word!, a glossary of medical words aimed at kids. Or stop by the Fabulous Food section, where you'll find out how to eat for sports. The prognosis is always good at KidsHealth.org!

Visit: http://kidshealth.org
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Health Matters Issue Date: 12-27-1998

Cool Spots imageAn apple a day keeps the doctor away, but there's more to know than just that, when it comes to growing up healthy. Kids Health has information on everything from food and fitness to body parts, behaviors and emotions. Bodysurf out to http://kidshealth.org/kid and get the scoop on eating right, playing safe and avoiding illness. Why is exercise good for you? What's it like to be a surgeon? Why do we sneeze? Kids Health answers these questions and more. Check out a list of weird medical words and find out what they mean, or explore the brain or catch a glimpse of the heart. Open the Kids Only Closet and check out Shockwave body animations, nutritious yet delicious recipes, an interactive bug game and even toy and game reviews. Start your own health craze today!

Visit: http://kidshealth.org/kid
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