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So Many Sports! Issue Date: 04-20-2008

Cool Spots imageGet in touch with your athletic side at Kids World Sports http://pbskids.org/
. Play Games and shred the slopes on your snowboard or take your cool kayak out for a challenge. Click on Athletes to meet other kids who enjoy the same sports as you, such as Connor the biker, Amanda the skier and others. Exercise your brain in Sports, where you will find great facts about tons of sports from diving to cheerleading. Choose the sport that interests you most and look into what you need to play and how to win! Good luck!

Visit: http://pbskids.org/kws
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Ready, Set ... Go! Issue Date: 04-13-2008

Cool Spots imageCelebrate the physical at Olympics: Science of the Sporting Life, http://whyfiles.org/019olympic. Your body is an amazing work of art, but make sure you take good care of yourself and take sports training in stride. Consistency is important when you are trying to stay fit, so be sure you are getting the recommended amount of exercise every day. Use your brain when you flex your muscles and listen to the messages your body is sending. You should also make sure drugs and alcohol are never part of your fitness regime. This site is an amazing reference for anyone who wants to make sport a part of their life.

Visit: http://whyfiles.org/019olympic
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A MesoAmerican Adventure Issue Date: 09-09-2007

Cool Spots imageReady ... set ... play ball! Prepare yourself for the Mesoamerican Ballgame sporting adventure at www.ballgame.org/main.asp. Explore the Ballgame will teach you about the first team sport that tied the people of Mesoamerica together. Take a front-row seat or suit up for some serious sparring as you compete against powerful players. But, be warned! The losers of this game were often sacrificed, while the winners were showered with gifts and riches beyond their wildest dreams. Save some time to visit Experience the Exhibit for more about this serious sport.

Visit: www.ballgame.org/main.asp
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Batter Up! Issue Date: 08-12-2007

Cool Spots imageWelcome, boys and girls, to the Science of Baseball at www.exploratorium.edu/baseball. This favorite summer sport is a great way to shape up your body and mind. Take a powerful swing in Exhibits to find out if you can hit a 90 mph fastball, then discover what it takes to get that home run. Baseball, traditionally thought of as an American sport, is loved all over the world. Check out Articles to see how baseball is played in Japan. Activities will have you practicing your baseball skills, so learn to perfect your grip to throw a killer curve ball!

Visit: www.exploratorium.edu/baseball
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Race Days Issue Date: 01-28-2007

Cool Spots imageRev your engines and join the greatest amateur racing event in the world at www.aasbd.org, when you compete in the Soap Box Derby. Step one: Make your Soap Box Derby car. Getting Started is the place to find out the rules and more information on car kits and parts. Then you need to find a race near you and decide which division you should compete in. There are three separate divisions for racers of different skills, weights and ages. To learn more about this youth racing program, check out About Us. Hop behind the wheel for a great time today!

Visit: www.aasbd.org
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