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Always be Prepared! Issue Date: 09-20-2009

Cool Spots imageNo matter what the situation, Ready Kids, www.ready.gov/kids, will get you in gear and prepare you to tackle anything that comes your way. Step 1: Create a kit full of basic necessities, so you can survive during an emergency. Step 2: Talk to your family and come up with a survival plan. Step 3: Research different emergency situations, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, so that you know exactly what you are dealing with. Step 4: Take the quiz at Readiness U to find out if you are prepared to graduate safety school with honors!

Visit: www.ready.gov/kids
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Safety First in Science Issue Date: 08-16-2009

Cool Spots imageGet Clobbered, The Scientist Safety Game at http://archive.planet-science.com/outthere/index.html?page=/outthere/getclobbered, invites all kid science lovers to test their safety smarts. First decide which character you want to work with. You will then be given a safety scenario and you'll have to dress your character in appropriate gear. Working with explosions? Make sure to break out some safety goggles. Carefully pick out the right number of items so your little scientist stays safe no matter what the experiment. If you need help, look for clues at the bottom of the screen.

Visit: http://archive.planet-science.com/outthere/index.html?page=/outthere/getclobbered
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Watch Your Tracks Issue Date: 01-04-2009

Cool Spots imageTest your knowledge about train-track safety at Safe Trax, www.virtualmuseum
. This site is dedicated to help kids learn all about staying safe in different situations involving trains and their tracks. Melanie and Hal need your help as they tackle multiple scenarios. Choose from a rural crossing, bridge crossing or railyard, and use your arrow keys to guide yourself to safety and keep your friends from harm. Once you learn all the rules, you are sure to always stay on track by staying safe. Tread carefully!

Visit: www.virtualmuseum.ca/Exhibitions/Rail/english
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Hear Your Ears Issue Date: 03-16-2008

Cool Spots imageListen up, kids! Visit Dangerous Decibels at www.dangerousdecibels.org/virtualexhibit.cfm for the buzz on how to keep your hearing sharp. Click on the Virtual Exhibit and see if you can identify certain sounds. It may sound easy, but be prepared for a tough challenge. Next, tune in and test your decibel smarts when you play How Loud Is Too Loud. You can also figure out how scientists measure sound to determine what safe listening really is. Remember, you can still rock out with your friends safely when you know how to protect your hearing.

Visit: www.dangerousdecibels.org/virtualexhibit.cfm
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Clean but Mean Issue Date: 12-02-2007

Cool Spots imageLearn about the household chemicals lurking in your bathroom and kitchen cabinets at www.epa.gov/kidshometour. Take a household tour to find the hidden dangers throughout your humble abode and then identify the toxic products in all the different rooms. Read the Label First will help you learn about labels and to take note of keywords like "danger," "caution" and "warning" that signify hazardous chemicals. Accidents will tell you what to do in case of an emergency so that you can keep your friends, family and animals safe.

Visit: www.epa.gov/kidshometour
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