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An Energy Boost Issue Date: 09-19-2010

Cool Spots imageThe EDF Energy Networks’ Power Up, http://powerup.edfenergy.com, is a great resource for students, parents and teachers alike. Electricity is certainly an amazing resource, but because it is so powerful, it should always be handled with care. This site has three sections for different age groups, so click on yours to begin. Great activities such as Circuit Breaker will entertain younger learners, while those in middle school might enjoy Take the Electric Journey. Educators can download lesson plans and get safety tips. Enjoy, and as always, be safe!

Visit: http://powerup.edfenergy.com
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Thrilling! Issue Date: 03-07-2010

Cool Spots imageBefore you climb onboard your favorite roller coaster or go cuckoo for carnivals, learn what you need to stay safe while having a good time at The Saferparks Kids Club, http://saferparks.org/kids_club. Start with WrongWay Cartoons, where you will be asked important questions about riding rides the right way. SaferKids Rule will hook you up with other smart cookies who are having fun but doing it with their safety in mind. The next time you venture out for a journey in excitement, you'll know what to do.

Visit: http://saferparks.org/kids_club
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Kindness Saves Issue Date: 11-29-2009

Cool Spots imageBust bullies at the Pacer Center's Kids Against Bullying at www.pacerkidsagainstbullying.org. Wander through this virtual school to hear some firsthand accounts of bullying at Kids Say. You can also Ask Sally some tough questions for real advice about handling the bullies that roam the halls in your life. If you need to know more about bullying, click on Smart Stuff and look for Spot It! for tips on how to know if someone needs help. Stop It! has great tips on what you can do to create more peace on your school's campus.

Visit: www.pacerkidsagainstbullying.org
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Red Alert Readiness Issue Date: 11-01-2009

Cool Spots imageHang out and have a good time while you brush up on your safety smarts with Rover and his Safety Ranger friends at CodeRedRover.org, http://coderedrover.org. Pop over to the Safety Zone for a bunch of cool downloadables, including an emergency escape plan you can implement in your own home to help keep your family safe. If you want to have some fun while learning to stay safe, visit others for a ton of amazing options. You can play games that test your memory, games that will have you searching for words and a classic old standby: tic-tac-toe.

Visit: http://coderedrover.org
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Staying Safe Issue Date: 09-27-2009

Cool Spots imageRegardless of the kind of activities you love and what time of year you enjoy them, Injury Prevention for Kids, www.chp.edu/
, will help you to avoid getting hurt while having fun. Holiday and Seasonal will get you thinking about Halloween safety and potential problems that explosive holidays such as the Fourth of July might bring. Sports enthusiasts will want to know how to avoid boo-boos during their favorite activities, and you might even pick up on a few tips for safe fun in your own backyard.

Visit: www.chp.edu/CHP/Injury+Prevention+for+Kids
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