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Stop, Talk and Walk Issue Date: 05-17-2015

Cool Spots imageMcGruff the Crime Dog, mcgruff.org, takes a bite out of crime. He is also an expert on bullying. He believes that if you want your community to be a safe place, you have to step up and help stop bullying. Even if you’re scared, you can always do something. First, you should tell a grown-up whom you trust and who can help you think of ideas to deal with the bullying. Watch Samantha’s Choice in Videos to find out what McGruff suggests when she is being bullied at ballet class. You’ll find more tips about what to say in Advice.

Visit: http://mcgruff.org
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Halloween the Healthy Way Issue Date: 10-26-2014

Cool Spots imageHalloween is a few days away, and you may think you’re ready, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cdc.gov/family/halloweenhealth/index.htm, has some advice about staying safe, and it’s not just about your costume. Check out Halloween Health and Safety Tips for trick-or-treaters and party hosts. Did you know Halloween is in flu season? You can have fun and still practice good habits, such as keeping your “fangs” healthy and getting enough sleep so you don’t look a fright on Halloween!

Visit: http://cdc.gov/family/halloweenhealth/index.htm
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Safe Boating Issue Date: 07-13-2014

Cool Spots imageThe National Safe Boating Council wants you to be safe on the water this summer. Meet the Boating Safety Sidekicks, boatingsidekicks.com/besafe.htm, and find out what you need to know to be careful but still have fun. Don’t Go Boating shares guidelines to help you decide if you are ready to go out on the water. In Water Dangers, you will discover things to watch for, such as strainers and low-head dams that can cause your boat to get stuck in the water. Find out what makes Super Seth so super. Take a quiz in Who Wants to be a Sidekick? Watch what happens when the life jacket doesn’t fit in the animated feature “Ahoy and the 3 Life Jackets.”

Visit: http://boatingsidekicks.com/besafe.htm
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Safe in the Water Issue Date: 06-15-2014

Cool Spots imageLochie the Lifeguard wants you to be safe in the water this summer. Learn how in swimandsurvive.com.au/content_common/pg-kids-zone.seo. In Water Safety, discover the AquaCode, three simple rules you should always follow when you go swimming. Now play Jack and Jen’s Amazing Adventure in Game Zone. When Jack gets into a tricky situation during a Picnic at the Lake, it’s up to you to choose the right rescue technique. Take the Swim and Survive Aqua Quiz to see if you and your friends are ready to be safe in the water this summer.

Visit: http://swimandsurvive.com.au/content_common/pg-kids-zone.seo
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Get Out Safely Issue Date: 03-30-2014

Cool Spots imageYou’ve probably had lots of fire drills at school. In Home Fire Drill, homefiredrill.org, you will learn why it is so important for every family to have an escape plan and practice it at home. Help Mikey Make It Out safely when the smoke alarm wakes him up. Help him make the right choices and learn helpful tips. For instance, if you are on the ground floor at home, should you use a door or a window to get out if the alarm sounds? What should you do if you forgot a favorite toy or game? Learn what to do if you see smoke, and other helpful lessons that will help your family stay safe in case of a fire.

Visit: http://homefiredrill.org
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