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Sparky the Fire Dog Issue Date: 08-25-2002

Cool Spots imageVisit Sparky the Fire Dog at http://sparky.org. Have Fun With Fire Trucks as you learn about fire engine parts and sounds. You can plan escape routes, hunt for home hazards and keep everyone safe with Family Stuff. News Flash and Sparky's Arcade Games will keep your fire safety senses sharp with important tips. Read "The Story of Sparky" to learn how he got his job. If you have any questions about fire safety, just Ask Sparky. Prevent fires and stay safe with this fire dog.

Visit: http://sparky.org
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Be Yourself. Think for Yourself. Issue Date: 04-14-2002

Cool Spots imageThe Cool Spot, at www.thecoolspot.org, is a place about "being yourself, thinking for yourself, and getting the facts about underage drinking." You'll find lots of Stuff to Know about alcohol and drinking. It's Your Move is a role-playing game that teaches you what to do when someone offers you a drink. Let the media be your guide by listening to TV and radio ads that discourage underage drinking. You can confront life's tough decisions head-on if you prepare yourself at The Cool Spot.

Visit: www.thecoolspot.org
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Who Let the Dogs Out? Issue Date: 02-24-2002

Cool Spots imageTake a ride with Hershey, the arson dog, at the Kids' Room Fire Safety Site at www.dos.state.ny.us/
. Hershey is an 11-year-old chocolate Labrador who works with the Office of Fire Prevention and Control in New York. His job is to sniff out the causes of fires, especially those set on purpose. The site is filled with info about fire safety, including escape rules, puzzles and games. So the next time you see a fire engine racing down your street, ask yourself, "Who let the dogs out?"

Visit: www.dos.state.ny.us/kidsroom/firesafe/firesafe.html
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Safe With Scruff and McGruff Issue Date: 04-16-2000

Cool Spots imageTake a bite out of crime by joining McGruff, a dog who loves kids as much as he respects law and order. Sniff out www.mcgruff.org and hang with the crime-fighting canine to learn how to be safe and healthy. The site has some fun activities, including the ABC Maze and the Color Me Scruff coloring book. Or help out McGruff's nephew Scruff as he tries to find his way home without running into danger. You'll also find several Scruff and McGruff comic book stories. If you want to talk to McGruff some more, then send him your thoughts using a way-cool letter writing machine. There's also smart info about cyber-safety, back-to-school safety and dealing with schoolyard bullies. At McGruff.org, safety always comes first. So be careful out there.

Visit: www.mcgruff.org
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