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Fast Food Figures Issue Date: 07-08-2007

Cool Spots imageDiscover the history of fast food at http://library.thinkquest.org/4485. Convenience food is everywhere, even in school cafeterias. Click on advertisements to learn how companies tantalize your taste buds and get you to dig in. Which Meal Is Healthier? will to test your supper smarts as you guess your way through menu choices. Learn all about nutrition and essential food elements, such as fat, carbohydrates, calories and protein, to see what they have to offer your body. Browse through some food facts when you visit Did You Know? before you think about your next snack.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/4485
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What's on Your Plate? Issue Date: 02-04-2007

Cool Spots imageFood and Agricultures of the World serves up some good eats at http://museum.agropolis.fr/english. The World's Food illustrates the growth process your dinner has to go through before it ends up in your tummy. Farmers from around the world explain their passion to grow. Do a little research, and you will find the food people eat is reflective of their culture. In Colombia, for example, people eat less meat and more sugar. In Japan, people eat more fish because there is less cultivated land. So, set your table for an educational feast today!

Visit: http://museum.agropolis.fr/english
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Brown Baggin' It Issue Date: 01-14-2007

Cool Spots imageGet the Lunchtime Lowdown at www.curiocity.ca/everyday-science/consumer-science/item/298-lunchtime-low-down.html and you might never look at your midday meal the same way again. Throw yourself and your snacks into the center of the current controversy over genetically modified (GM) foods. Learn why scientists need "gene guns" and how they are used to grow GM goodies like Bt-corn. Pests had better stay away from this crop, but, don't worry, it is safe for you. Next time you belly up to the lunch table, ask your friends what they are eating and start a conversation with your new GM expertise.

Visit: www.curiocity.ca/everyday-science/consumer-science/item/298-lunchtime-low-down.html
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Fabulous Food Issue Date: 10-22-2006

Cool Spots imageClimb the food pyramid when you visit Nutrition Explorations at www.nutrition
. Winning Combinations show you if your meals are measuring up. Visit the Interactive Pyramid and click on any food group to see how much you should be eating. In the Kitchen, you will find kid-friendly recipes, like yummy fruit pops. Meet members of the Kids Panel and see what others are eating. Activities will keep you busy learning healthy tips and habits.

Visit: www.nutritionexplorations.org/kids/nutrition-main.asp
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Better Your Body Issue Date: 08-27-2006

Cool Spots imageGet healthy while having fun at www.crfa.org/
. Valuable nutritional information and interesting dietary facts can be found at the Body Fun Library as you browse through bangin' book selections. Whip up a strawberry smoothie or cowboy ranch potatoes in Body Fun Recipes where every meal is a healthy treat. Are you ready for a challenge? Fat and Fiber Shootouts teach you what foods will help you meet the daily requirements as you aim for the bull's-eye. Healthy eating has never been so fun and delicious.

Visit: www.crfa.org/bodyfun
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