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Healthy Kids Issue Date: 12-27-2015

Cool Spots imageKaiser Permanente helps kids develop healthy habits at Kid Wisdom, info.kaiserpermanente.org/richmedia/kidWisdom. Flip through the scrapbook and find healthy recipes like Touchdown Tostadas in Eat Something. Do you enjoy online games? Check out Be a Player and play Snacktown Smackdown, where the town’s vending machines come to life and and the junk food they contain is causing everyone in town to be tired. Grab the Kid-Wisdom Communicator to help on your mission. Race the clock to collect calcium-rich foods when you play Calcium Hunter. Fill in the Blanks with crosswords, mazes and other activities.

Visit: http://info.kaiserpermanente.org/richmedia/kidWisdom
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Family Dinner Issue Date: 11-22-2015

Cool Spots imageThe Kids Cook Monday, thekidscookmonday.org, encourages kids to cook along with their mom or dad one night each week, and then sit down together to eat the meal. Download the colorful Family Dinner Date Cookbook in Resources. In Recipes, you will find Fun Snacks like Peanut Butter Snowmen and Tomato Pops. Making healthy meals together as a family is a great opportunity to try new dishes such as Robust Ratatouillie or Kale Mac and Cheese. If you would like to make a side dish to contribute to your holiday meal, you might try Cinnamon Sweet Potato Mash.

Visit: http://thekidscookmonday.org
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Wise Food Choices Issue Date: 09-13-2015

Cool Spots imageSee if you can power your body with enough food and energy to fly to Planet Power in the Blast Off Game, www.fns.usda.gov/multimedia/Games/Blastoff/BlastOff_Game.html. Your MyPlate spaceship requires smart food choices and exercise to complete the mission. It is your job to make the right choices throughout the day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Be sure you choose from every food group. As you select your meals, you will learn more about their nutritional value. At least 60 minutes of physical activity is required throughout the day. When you are happy with your choices, Blast Off!

Visit: http://www.fns.usda.gov/multimedia/Games/Blastoff/BlastOff_Game.html
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Food Travels Issue Date: 08-30-2015

Cool Spots imageAgriculture and food production have changed dramatically over the past 200 years. Harvest of History, harvestofhistory.org/explore.html, takes a look at the food we eat, as well as the people who are involved in growing and transporting food, and providing the equipment needed to process it. Years ago, when you ate a piece of fruit or even a cheeseburger, it came from your own garden or a local farm. Today, the food on your plate might have traveled as far as 10,000 miles to get to your table. Explore the Village and save interesting video clips, then visit the Village Videomaker to create a film about what you’ve learned.

Visit: http://harvestofhistory.org/explore.html
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Cook Healthy Issue Date: 05-03-2015

Cool Spots imageMeet Amber, a 12-year-old chef who specializes in cooking healthy meals and snacks. Cook With Amber, cookwithamber.com, is full of delicious recipes to make at home with easy-to-follow videos. Dark Chocolate Coconut Fondue, made with coconut milk instead of cream, is a dessert that you and your friends will love. Using just a few simple ingredients, Perfectly Roasted Whole Chicken With Root Vegetables will be a hit with your family. Are you hungry after school? Try a No-Guilt Chocolate-Banana Peanut-Butter Milkshake for a yummy treat. Lime Chicken Tacos in School Lunch Ideas will be a welcome change.

Visit: http://cookwithamber.com
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