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Hunger in America Issue Date: 11-13-2016

Cool Spots image Did you know that there are people in nearly every community in America who don’t have enough to eat? Feeding America, feedingamerica.org/hunger-in-america, is committed to educating the public about hunger in our country. In Faces of Hunger, meet a student whose family does not have enough food at home, so she goes to school hungry. Watch videos where real people share their struggles. See how you can Take Action to help others in your community. Writing to your legislator or volunteering at a local food bank are ways you can get involved.

Visit: http://feedingamerica.org/hunger-in-america
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Have an Apple Issue Date: 07-24-2016

Cool Spots imageDid you know that there are more than 7,500 varieties of apples in the world? You won’t find all of them in your local supermarket, but the ones from Washington state are common. Visit Crispy’s Apple Stand, kids.bestapples.com/kids/home.shtml, and learn about apples grown in Washington. There are more than 175,000 acres of apple orchards in the state. Learn more in Fun Facts. In Games and Activities, check out Crispy’s Crossword Puzzles and the Legend of Johnny Appleseed. Head over to Crispy’s Kitchen for recipes, including apple cinnamon pockets and apple crisp.

Visit: http://kids.bestapples.com/kids/home.shtml
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Start Cooking! Issue Date: 07-17-2016

Cool Spots imageDo you like to try new foods? Hey Kids, Let’s Cook!, heykidsletscook.com, is a popular television show that features recipes for kids and teens. Meet the Child Chefs who star in the show. You’ll learn lots of helpful tips in Videos, where My Plate sings catchy tunes about how to make your favorite snacks healthy. Farrah on Manners shares advice on etiquette and how to politely handle tricky dining situations. Take a Field Trip to watch how Snacks are prepared for shipping to your local store. Flip through six cookbooks of delicious Recipes and choose one to try at home.

Visit: http://heykidsletscook.com
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Keep a Journal Issue Date: 03-06-2016

Cool Spots imageKid’s Food Journal, www.kidsfoodjournal.com/account.html, is a simple and fun way to keep track of your daily exercise and food choices. It can be tricky to get all the daily servings you need of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and water. Exercise is also important, whether you decide to play sports or choose another activity you enjoy, such as biking, jump rope or outdoor play. Weekly Wellness Tips will debunk many myths about nutrition. You can earn daily stars for making good choices. Explore the demo site to see how it works, then, with a parent’s permission, register for a free online account.

Visit: http://www.kidsfoodjournal.com/account.html
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Pizza History Issue Date: 02-21-2016

Cool Spots imageThe Dairy Council of California presents My Very Own Pizza, tinyurl.com/h76gp7n. Did you know that Naples, Italy, is considered the pizza capital of the world? Read the story behind the invention of this savory treat. The world’s first pizzeria opened in Italy in 1830. Do you know when the first one opened in America? Pizza Nutrition outlines the food groups represented on a pizza. Depending on the toppings you select, several food groups can be included in just one slice. Put on your Junior Chef’s hat and apron when you enter the virtual kitchen to Make a Pizza of your own!

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/h76gp7n
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