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Chocolate Paradise Issue Date: 04-25-1999

Cool Spots imageFrom cookies to cake to fudge, it's almost impossible to resist the lure of chocolate. At Exploratorium's Exploring Chocolate Web site, you'll dive into a chocolate lover's fantasy world. Bring a sweet tooth out to www.exploratorium.edu/chocolate. The site takes you from the cacao trees of the Amazon to the specialty chocolate shops of Switzerland and Belgium. You'll go back in time to learn how the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs were enjoying this fun food long ago. This site is full of cool multimedia too, including video of a "chocolate party" in the Amazon. We'll see you under the cacao tree!

Visit: www.exploratorium.edu/chocolate
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The Nutrition Cafe Issue Date: 02-22-1998

Cool Spots imageJoin Inspector Snarfengood for healthy snacks and adventure at the Nutrition Cafe, where eating right is the ultimate goal. Chomp down on http://exhibits.pacsci.org/nutrition/nutrition_
and get the lowdown on protein, fiber, carbohydrates and more. The cafe has plenty of games to get you acquainted with your four food groups, including the Nutrition Sleuth challenge and the Grab a Grape question-and-answer test. Are you eating right? The site allows you to choose a meal and find out. Eat your spinach, and stay away from the fried cheese! There's also an Interactive Food Guide Pyramid and a Nutrition Cafe glossary for those who want the lowdown on good grub. So take a seat at your new online cafe, and discover how changing your eating habits can improve your playground form.

Visit: http://exhibits.pacsci.org/nutrition/nutrition_cafe.html
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Healthy Refrigerator Issue Date: 10-12-1997

Cool Spots imageOpen the door to good nutrition and a happy heart at the Healthy Refrigerator. By making a few changes in your diet, you'll be well on your way to a long and prosperous life. Just sneak a peak at www.healthyfridge.org and you'll be chomping on snacks that are nourishing and delicious. After all, your heart's well-being is crucial to your health, and taking the necessary steps can keep it smiling and prevent heart disease. Besides late-breaking information and eating advice, you'll also find a kid's quiz, contests and links to other healthy-heart sites. And you'll devour the kids' recipes, especially the Slumber Party French Toast! It's time to get smart about your heart.

Visit: www.healthyfridge.org
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How Does Cereal Turn Into Milk? Issue Date: 06-15-1997

Cool Spots imageIt happens inside a cow. You can follow this whole process from the pasture to the grocer by taking a virtual tour at the "On the Moove" section of the "MooMilk" Web site at www.moomilk.com. In addition to the virtual tour, you can complete a connect-the-dots game and learn "udderly" everything you ever wanted to know about dairy cows and milk. Test your "cowledge," as they call it, with their quiz or discuss dairy matters in the forum section. You can do all this and a whole lot "moore." So make your mooooove to this Web site, drink your milk, and visit some cows- they are outstanding in their field.

Visit: www.moomilk.com
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Kids Can Cook With a Kid Cookbook Issue Date: 09-22-1996

Cool Spots imageEven if you've never boiled water, you can be a successful chef-just follow the recipes in the Kid's Cookbook at www.dole.com/Recipe/tabid/715/Default.aspx. Yes, you can wow your friends and amaze your family with a tempting, crunchy vegetable burrito bandito, but more importantly, you'll fill your tummy with tasty treats you made with your own two hands. Vegetable Pasta Italiano, Musical Fruit Melodies and Pint-Size Banana Raisin Pancakes are just a seductive sampling of all the wonderful culinary creations you can whip up with the guidance of this simple-but-sophisticated guide for the budding gourmet.

Visit: www.dole.com/Recipe/tabid/715/Default.aspx
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