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Play With Your Food Issue Date: 12-16-2001

Cool Spots imageThe Dole 5 A Day site at www.dole5aday.com reminds you to eat healthy and have fun. You can play with your food in the Music & Games section. The 5 A Day Facts section tells how to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies. Paula Plum and her friends can teach you about nutritious foods in the 5 A Day Friends section. Or learn about foods in the Reference Center. Junior chefs will enjoy the Kids Cookbook, too. Have a berry fun and fruitful day

Visit: www.dole5aday.com
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How Does Your Garden Grow? Issue Date: 09-23-2001

Cool Spots imageGrab your hand shovel and go to the Seeds of Change garden at www.mnh.si.edu/archives/garden. This Web site tells you all about the many food crops of the world and where they originated. In the garden section, you can find growing activities for all the seasons of the year, such as testing the soil of your garden in the spring with the chocolate cake test. This great site is sure to plant seeds of curiosity.

Visit: www.mnh.si.edu/archives/garden
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Smiling with the Smilestones Issue Date: 08-27-2000

Cool Spots imageWhy do you have to brush your teeth? If you don't, you're going to end up like Danny Decay, one of the Smilestone friends. Visit Smilestone Island at www.thesmilestones.com. In the village, you can check out their bedrooms and find things that the Smilestones love to play with. Then head over to Smilestone Fun Park to learn a little more about everyone. Trek up the hill to visit the queen's castle. There you can meet Angus, the new tooth fairy. Watch out, though, that you don't get caught in the swamp of Sharky, the Plaque Shark. He and his little dog, Nasher, will do anything to get to your pearly whites. Grab your toothbrush and paste and bring along your imagination as you journey to visit The Smilestones.

Visit: www.thesmilestones.com
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Lunch Time Issue Date: 03-05-2000

Cool Spots imageWhether you're trying to get an "A" in science or want to win the next school track meet, eating right can help you do your very best in life. At SchoolMenu.com, you'll get all the facts and info you need about how to enjoy good health and nutrition. Soup's on at www.schoolmenu.com. The site includes information about how to eat right and some cool food activities--like a healthy snack puzzle and fun recipes. You'll also find great food pyramid games, such as the Food Pyramid Maze and the Spy Dogs' Word Scramble. Or join DJ and his friends as they teach you about the benefits of maintaining a balanced diet. Yes, even pizza can be good for you. Wondering what's for lunch today? The site has lunch menus for schools across the United States. Along the way, you'll also find DJ's Art Gallery and some fun coloring activities. At SchoolMenu.com, food and fun go hand in hand. Eat up and be merry. And have a good lunch.

Visit: www.schoolmenu.com
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Say Cheese! Issue Date: 12-05-1999

Cool Spots imageWhether it's Swiss, Brie or cheddar, people worldwide can't get enough of cheese. At I Love Cheese, you'll learn all about this fun and fancy food product. Say cheese at www.ilovecheese.com and prepare yourself for an eating experience like no other. You'll read profiles about such cheeses as havarti, colby, blue and brick. The FAQ will give you the facts on fitting cheese into a healthy diet and how to buy cheese online. It even explains why Swiss cheese has holes. You'll also find a history of cheese that dates back to its accidental discovery in an Arabian desert 4,000 years ago. And there's an amazing recipes section, featuring everything from spicy cheese pie to pizza fondue.

Visit: www.ilovecheese.com
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