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Cooking for the Holiday Issue Date: 07-02-2017

Cool Spots image Is your family hosting a Fourth of July party this year? Check out Betty Crocker’s July 4th Recipes, bettycrocker.com/special-occasions/july-4th, for delicious treats to make and share with family and friends. PEEPS® Fireworks Layer Cake is sure to please your guests. Cool off with frozen Red, White and Blueberry Lemonade Pops. If you like art, try decorating Stars and Stripes Brownies. Looking for more savory recipes? You’ll easily find something yummy, such as Chicken Salad-Stuffed Tomato Appetizers. Each recipe includes Nutrition Information and Expert Tips. Grab your chef’s hat and get started cooking!

Visit: http://bettycrocker.com/special-occasions/july-4th
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Wasted Food Issue Date: 04-09-2017

Cool Spots image Did you know that 40 percent of food purchased in the United States ends up in the trash? Save the Food, savethefood.com, helps consumers learn how to waste less. For example, strawberries spoil quickly, even in the refrigerator. Set aside what you are going to eat immediately, then freeze the rest for later. Learn more about the Art of Freezing in Tips. In Deciphering Dates on Products, read about Civil War-era canned foods found at the bottom of the Missouri River and learn what “sell by” dates really mean. Cook It provides recipes to use random items in your fridge. Learn to keep foods fresh longer in Store It.

Visit: http://savethefood.com
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The Nutrition Source Issue Date: 03-05-2017

Cool Spots imageLearn more about healthy living at Harvard University’s Nutrition Source, hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource, a science-based resource for all your food questions. Did you know that potatoes and french fries have a negative effect on blood sugar? Kid’s Healthy Eating Plate describes each food group and helps you identify the best nutrients. For instance, the label “whole grain” does not necessarily mean healthy; you need to read labels carefully to be sure. Are you eating the right snacks? A variety of fruits and vegetables has been proven to help prevent heart disease and some cancers.

Visit: http://hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource
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Good Nutrition Issue Date: 12-11-2016

Cool Spots image The Dairy Council of California wants kids to learn about Healthy Eating, healthyeating.org/Healthy-Kids/Kids-Games-Activities.aspx. Figure out how much of each food group you need daily in the MyPlate Match Game. Are you starting your day with the right foods? Play Power Up Your Breakfast in the virtual kitchen to put together a healthy meal. Do you know about the “3 out of 5 rule”? Watch the video to learn more. Busy schedules will often have families eating on the run. Watch the Healthy Snacks video to see which ones give you the energy to feel your best.

Visit: http://healthyeating.org/Healthy-Kids/Kids-Games-Activities.aspx
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Kill Bacteria Issue Date: 12-04-2016

Cool Spots image Food Detectives Fight BAC, fooddetectives.com, wants you to learn to handle food safely. Did you know that bacteria can cause you to get sick? Interactive games help you learn when to wash your hands and how to kill bacteria that live on food. Your help is needed to solve cases of foodborne illness! In the case of Filthy Fingers, follow the timeline of after-school activities and determine which ones require you to wash your hands. In the case of Good Food Gone Bad, match food items and learn tips about their safety. A few simple rules will help you and your family stay healthy.

Visit: http://fooddetectives.com
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