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TecKNOWLEDGEy Whiz Kids Issue Date: 09-17-2000

Cool Spots imageHey, do you have a friend or sibling who teachers look to as a technology leader? Are you a computer guru? Nominate kids and teens at www.4kids.org/nominations for 4Kids' KidTech or TeenTech of the Month. Starting in October, www.4Kids.org will feature a new hi-tech kid each month. For the kind of tech wizard 4Kids is searching for, check out the KidSpeak article, "By a Kid, for a Kid!" by 14-year-old Webmaster David Lindsay at www.4teachers.org/kidspeak/david/quickneasy.shtml The selected nominee and the person who nominated the 4Kids KidTech or TeenTech of the Month will receive a 4Kids T-shirt! What are you waiting for? Submit your nomination at the www.4Kids.org Web site today!

Visit: www.4kids.org/nominations
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Visit: www.4teachers.org/kidspeak/david/quickneasy.shtml
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