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The Science of Fun Issue Date: 12-10-2006

Cool Spots imageYou can construct fun toys that push the limits of scientific theories at www.
. Depending on how much time you have to spare, choose between quick-and-easy or advanced creations. All toys are made from household items, so few special materials are necessary. From a simple snake charmer's flute to real engine-powered putt-putt boats, there is a toy to interest every girl and boy. Select the More About links to learn more details and some history on each project you choose. These tried and tested toys will supply you with hours of excitement.

Visit: www.sciencetoymaker.org
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Cultural Crafts Issue Date: 11-19-2006

Cool Spots imageDiscover something new about Native American culture when you create traditional crafts and toys at www.teachersfirst.com/lessons/nativecrafts. htm. You can make a beautiful, festive corn husk doll in 12 easy steps. Show your creative side by decorating your room with a dream catcher or some pinch pots like those used by Eastern Woodland Native Americans. Has all your festive artistry made your belly rumble? Sample Native American recipes such as Wild Green Salad or Boiled Corn. Happy Thanksgiving!

Visit: www.teachersfirst.com/lessons/nativecrafts
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The Kodak Girl Comes To Life Issue Date: 02-04-2001

Cool Spots imageWhen George Eastman invented the simple-to-use Kodak camera, he used images of women to advertise his product. Thus was born the Kodak Girl. Zoom in and focus on the Kodak Girl Collection at www.kodakgirl.com. You'll find many images of the Kodak Girl from magazine ads, catalog covers, posters and more. In addition, the site features rare photos of women with cameras in postcards, snapshots and other media. Finally, the Toys and Figurines sections have photographs of camera-related toys, dolls and beautiful miniature figurines. Enjoy this delightful and unique collection of photographs of women with cameras. Remember the Kodak Girl the next time you take a picture.

Visit: www.kodakgirl.com
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Art Under Glass: Etch A Sketch Issue Date: 06-11-2000

Cool Spots imageDoodle, draw, etch and sketch. The Etch A Sketch Web site, devoted to the classic toy, is loaded with great fun and games for kids of all ages. Turn those knobs and start drawing those lines at www.ohioart.com/etch. From coloring pages to hidden shapes to interactive stories, you'll find countless activities here. For kids not familiar with the Etch A Sketch, the site traces the history of the Etch A Sketch and features 10 useful tips and tricks to help you master the toy. Be sure to visit the amazing, and sometimes hilarious, art gallery. Here, you'll find sweet sketches of everything from wildlife to castles to famous celebrities. Better yet, you can meet the artists who toiled away at these beautiful works of art. And if you want to get to know your fellow doodlers better, the site tells you how to join the Official Etch A Sketch Club. Best of all is the online Etch A Sketch, which simulates the toy and lets you doodle for hours. Log onto the Web today and start etching a sketch to your heart's content.

Visit: www.ohioart.com/etch
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