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Animate! Issue Date: 09-09-2012

Cool Spots imageCartoon Studio, pbskids.org/go/studio, is a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite animated shows. Arthur and WordGirl are fun to watch, but how would you like to create your own cartoon? First, Build a Character with colors, clothes and facial features. Once you have a character, use the animation features in Make a Cartoon to add scenes, props, characters and movement. When you're done, you can watch your show. Tips and tricks will improve your technique. Learn from the experts How Your Favorite Cartoons Are Made.

Visit: pbskids.org/go/studio
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Young Artists Issue Date: 04-01-2012

Cool Spots imageGet to know Charlie, Snoopy, Lucy and the gang at Peanuts, peanuts.com/kids. Submit your original Peanuts drawing to be featured in Lil’ Artists. Watch classic Snoopy TV clips in Videos. Choose a scene in Where’s Woodstock? to find Snoopy’s canary sidekick. Are you an artist at heart? Visit the Gallery to find inspiration for your own drawing. Then paint online and print your work with Coloring Pages. Like to read the comics? Click Comic Strips to read the daily comic strips online and enjoy the antics of your favorite Peanuts characters.

Visit: peanuts.com/kids
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Curiosity and Discovery Issue Date: 01-29-2012

Cool Spots imageJoin a familiar friend, Curious George, at pbskids.org/curiousgeorge for fun and games. Start with Hide and Seek to see what you can find. Listen closely to the Man in the Yellow Hat as he tells you what items to search for. Then play with your food in Meatball Launcher when you help George add the perfect number of meatballs to his spaghetti. Meet Allie in Count With Allie as you flip through a picture book and count the items you see. From Apple Picking to Bug Catcher, there are more than 15 games to choose from, so have a blast with your favorites.

Visit: pbskids.org/curiousgeorge
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Totally Tintin Issue Date: 03-02-2008

Cool Spots imageJoin the ever adventurous Tintin and Great Britain's National Maritime Museum for The Adventures of Tintin at Sea when you click on www.nmm.ac.
. Help Tintin out of a muddle in Sort It Out where players must put together story segments in the correct order. Next, put your vision to the test as you look at real photos and match them to their comic counterparts. Before you bid Tintin adieu, visit Herge's Studio and see how this masterful, creative genius created Tintin's comic strip from the beginning sketches to the final product.

Visit: www.nmm.ac.uk/tintinfun/home.cfm
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Eco-Eddy Issue Date: 02-09-2003

Cool Spots imageExperience firsthand the Web's craziest cartoon canine, Eddy the Eco-Dog, at www.kidswebtv.com/webcartoon/home.html. Eddy comes from Planet Chachachawowa with a message of conservation. Help him save the Earth with games such as Recycle-It and other activities. You can watch cartoons starring Eddy, join the eco-dog's fan club or listen to celebrity interviews. You'll learn about rocket-man Scott MacLean in Ask the Astronaut. Get your paws on articles from Earth-minded kids in Paws for the Planet Daily.

Visit: www.kidswebtv.com/webcartoon/home.html
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