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Reading Games Issue Date: 09-17-2017

Cool Spots imageAre you ready to become a World Champion Word Wrestler? Professor Garfieldís Reading Ring, professorgarfield.com/ReadingRing/Strips/strips.html, is a contest of strategy utilizing a popular comic strip. Itís up to you to decide the correct order of events in each strip. Comic panels are mixed up and you must read the charactersí dialogue for clues about whatís happening in the story. Itís trickier than it looks! Once you put the frames together in the proper order, earn points for answering questions correctly. See if you can last all five rounds against Dr. S. If you win, youíll earn your own gold championship belt buckle that you can print out to keep.

Visit: http://professorgarfield.com/ReadingRing/Strips/strips.html
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Cool Clubs Issue Date: 12-28-2014

Cool Spots imageArthurís Clubs, pbskids.org/arthur/clubs/index.html, are a blast you can enjoy at home. Turn up the volume in Dance Club, where Prunella and Binky will show you some new moves. Scroll down to watch crazy dance steps with Arthur and Buster at Grand Central Station. Fern will feature a poem each day at Poetry Club. Write your own or read others for inspiration. Muffy and her friends in Fashion Club are preparing for their next photo shoot. You can help Design an Outfit for the big day. Send it to the magazine to see how the cover turned out.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/arthur/clubs/index.html
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Meet Herman Issue Date: 05-11-2014

Cool Spots imageItís time for a visit to Hermanís Homepage, hermanshomepage.com, where you can watch movies on his DVD player and play games like Six Piece Jigsaw. Join Herman as he goes on holiday for an Underwater Adventure. Play some rockiní tunes with your friends in the Recording Studio. Do you like games? Try to match the musical notes in Herman Says, then paint and print a picture in the Paint Box. In Stories, read about a naughty virus that got loose in Hermanís room and took all kinds of stuff with him! Now explore Hermanís Room, where you can watch his antics and enjoy a snack.

Visit: http://hermanshomepage.com
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Find Waldo Issue Date: 03-09-2014

Cool Spots imageJoin the Search for Waldo and his friends at Whereís Waldo, whereswaldo.com. First, get to know the characters in Guide to All. Be sure to memorize their faces and learn all about them because it will help you find the items you seek. Itís sunny and crowded At the Beach today. Zoom in and try to find 41 items. You might need your glasses to find them all. Then head into the ocean, where youíll be amazed at how many items you can find in Deep Sea Divers. Find out more about Waldoís adventures in Books. You can also download wallpaper or a cool new screensaver.

Visit: http://whereswaldo.com
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Comic Science Issue Date: 11-11-2012

Cool Spots imageJoin Mateo y Cientina, mateoycientina.
, as they show how much fun math and science can be through comic strips and cool activities. Visit Comics and make Ice Cream in minutes as you learn about cause and effect. Next, create your own Fingerprints, and see how to use them to solve a crime! Have you ever done Fizzy Foamy Science? A simple trick can help you distinguish acids from bases. Learn all about symmetry with a fun paper project in Papel Picado. When you're done, Make a Postcard and send it to a friend.

Visit: mateoycientina.org
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