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A Cyber-spot For All Teens Issue Date: 07-25-1999

Cool Spots imageSure, chat is fun, but sometimes you want a site that isn't just a bunch of kids blabbing at other kids about whatever clothes they think are hip. If you're looking for a place to let off some steam, talk about a dream or hatch a helpful scheme, get with these teens. Wiggle a finger at www.teencentral.net and you'll see that TeenCentral is all happening and no hype. It's a free site for teens only-all teens (boys AND girls!), all ages, all real, all private. Experts run the site, so not only can you voice your issues or learn from other teens' stories, you can get access to real *help* that's specific for whatever problems you're dealing with. Having trouble with classes? Getting picked on? Dating woes? Worried about fitting in? (Or maybe you've got advice to help others.) Any little thing is not too little if it's bugging you.

Visit: www.teencentral.net
User Rating: 3.1374764602635stars
531 users rated this site
Museum of UnNatural Mystery Issue Date: 07-11-1999

Cool Spots imageThe wild, wonderful and weird come together at the Museum of UnNatural Mystery, a cyberspace exhibition dedicated to the riddles of science and society. Get a clue at http://unmuseum.mus.pa.us/
and wander the halls of this strange showcase. The site investigates the possibility of flying saucers and lets you run with the raptors at the Dinosaur Safari. The Lost Worlds Exhibition is captivating, featuring info on beasts such as the Tasmanian Tiger, the Sasquatch and the Abominable Snowman. It's a haunted house of fact and fiction. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: http://unmuseum.mus.pa.us/unmuseum.htm
User Rating: 3.0467153284668stars
685 users rated this site
Riding Into The Past Issue Date: 06-27-1999

Cool Spots imageAt the Bicycle Museum of America, you'll go cycling on all kinds of two-wheeled classics, from elegant antique bicycles of the 1800s to the balloon-tire classics of the 1940s to the banana-seat specials of the 1960s. Hold tight onto your handlebars and spin out to www.bicyclemuseum.com where'll you discover one of the largest collections of bikes in the world. You'll find colorful photos and fun facts about such old-world classics as the 1883 Columbia Expert, and the 1870s Shire Boneshaker. The collection takes you right to the present and includes the 1998 Huffy Good Vibrations. Be sure to take a ride on a 1950 Gene Autry Westerner, designed with jeweled fenders and chainguard, and a pony head on the fork crown. The Bicycle Museum of America could be the ride of your life!

Visit: www.bicyclemuseum.com
User Rating: 2.3976608187138stars
513 users rated this site
Get The Scoop Issue Date: 06-13-1999

Cool Spots imageI scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! And whether you're a fan of the New York Super Fudge Chunk or Cherry Garcia, a trip to Ben and Jerry's Fun Stuff is always a treat. Get the scoop on games, puzzles, crafts and art at www.benjerry.com/fun. Once here, you'll play an interactive game of checkers or build a virtual snowman. And you're going to love the paper crafts area, which shows you how to create a head-bobbing cow or an original Ben & Jerry's gas station. Get your fortune from Habeeni Ben Coheeni, the fabled mystic who can answer your most difficult questions with a "yes," "no" or "maybe." And if you're looking for adventure, be sure to play the Phish Wave Game, where you'll help the Ice Cream Man track down an underwater treasure chest full of Phish Food. Ben and Jerry's Fun Stuff is almost as much fun as two scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!

Visit: www.benjerry.com/fun
User Rating: 2.9426791289728stars
642 users rated this site
Play Ball! Issue Date: 05-30-1999

Cool Spots imageFrom New York City to small towns coast-to-coast, kids have long loved playing street games after school. At The Games We Used to Play, you'll hang out with friends from all over, strutting your stuff in games like Kick the Can, Stoopball and Skulley. Bring a rubber ball and plenty of energy to www.streetplay.com and meet the urban legends in your neighborhood. The rules are simple, but the competition can be stiff! Read about players discussing the best playgrounds, the coolest wall games, boxball, and the rising sport of handball. You could have the time of your life.

Visit: www.streetplay.com
User Rating: 3.2000000011107stars
450 users rated this site

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